10 Fun Facts About Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”

10 Fun Facts About Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”
10 Fun Facts About Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”

After the success of the worldwide phenomenon “Squid Game”, which became Netflix’s most-watched series of all time, South Korea is ready for another breakthrough. “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” is a 2017 production of “La Casa de Papel” or “Money Heist” in Spanish, directed by Kim Hong-sun (“The Guest”, “Voice”) and written by Ryu Yong-jae (“Liar’s Game”, “Time Between Dog and Wolf”).

In this South Korean remake of the 2017 Spanish version of “La casa de papel,” or “The Paper House,” the Korean peninsula is on the brink of unification. A gang of thieves wearing “Hahoe” masks roam the Unified Korea Mint (UKM), the site of the first step towards peaceful unification. The PROFESSOR, who planned the unprecedented kidnapping, and his crew of robbers (BERLIN, TOKYO, MOSCOW, DENVER, NAIROBI, RIO, HELSINKI, and OSLO) plan to steal four billion won, the biggest heist in history.

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1. The original creator of “Money Heist” is involved in the Korean remake

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Àlex Pina is credited as the writer for the first episode, along with Ryu Yong-jae, Kim Hwan-chae, and Choe Sung-jun. He is also serving as the executive producer for the new Korean version of “Money Heist”.

2. The biggest heist on the Korean peninsula

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Four trillion won is the total amount of money the thieves plan to steal from the Unified Korea Mint, making it the largest heist on the Korean Peninsula. Writer Ryu Yong-jae explained that they decided to raise the cash to four billion Korean won because they converted the total money of the original series into Spanish, which was 2.4 billion euros.

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3. Fictional inter-Korean relations

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The official title indicates and will address the socio-economic conflict in Korea between both sides of the border. ‘Joint Economic Area’ refers to a newly created fictional region where the border between North and South is situated in the real world. The new unified government of Korea will use this area as a base to form a new economy and currency.

4. ‘Hahoe’ masks put on by thieves

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The thieves in the Spanish version of Money Heist wear Dalí masks as their signature look, inspired by the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. However, the new Korean version has its thieves wear “Hahoe” masks, a traditional Korean mask worn by “dance drama for gods” (하회별신굿탈놀이) performers. In the series, it serves as a symbol of criticism, a sense of overwhelming power, and how it portrays a different angle from the Korean perspective.

5. Yoo Ji-tae can relate to his character, the teacher

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When asked how it resonates with his character, the teacher, Yoo Ji-tae (“Ditto,” “Oldboy”) said that it is the teacher’s conviction. He believes that there should be no loss and no casualties even when a crime is committed. He kept it in his mind during filming as he was positioned in the barracks, leading the group of thieves in the heist.

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6. The Berlin character may seem familiar

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You may have seen Park Hae-soo somewhere before. He acted as Cho Sang-woo (Player 218), the childhood friend of Lee Jung-jae’s (Seong Gi-hun) character in “Squid Game”. He also played wrongfully convicted baseball athlete Lee Je-hyuk in “Prison Playbook,” and guest starred in “Memories of the Alhambra” (2018) and “Persona” (2019).


7. Moscow and Denver are still connected

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The relationship between the characters from Moscow and Denver, who play father and son in the original series, is a similarity that can be expected from the new Korean version of Money Heist. Kim Ji-hoon (“Flower of Evil”), who plays Denver in the Korean remake, even complimented Lee Won-jong (“Wild Romance,” “Delayed Justice”) on how great their chemistry was on set. and how comfortable it felt. while filming.

8. Lee Hyun-woo felt good walking around in the costume

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During the press conference for the upcoming series, Lee Hyun-woo (“To The Beautiful You,” “Secretly Greatly”), who plays Rio, told the press that he felt confident in the red jumpsuit and mask. Hahoe”. He acted boldly on set because people couldn’t see his expression. His uniformity also gave him a sense of camaraderie and he felt energetic in his character.

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9. The casts trained with dialect coaches.

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Park Hae-soo’s character, Berlin, is originally from North Korea. He trained with a dialect coach to achieve convincing Pyongyang and Hamgyong dialects. The same thing happened with actors Kim Ji-hoon (Denver) and Lee Won-jong (Moscow), who play father and son from South Korea’s Gyeongsang province. They trained with dialect trainers to correctly enunciate and pronounce the Gyeongsang dialect.

10. The casts are close in real life.

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Despite the apparent tension between the characters in the trailer, they are close to each other in real life. For example, Jang Yoon-joo (“Veteran”, “Three Sisters”), who plays Nairobi, would call and invite the actors to his house to hang out. They also rehearsed, monitored, and commented on each other’s performances.

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” will premiere on June 24. Watch the trailer:

Anis Sharina contributed to this article.

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