10 Latest Indonesian Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Latest Indonesian Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss
10 Latest Indonesian Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

Since Indonesia was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, various web dramas have emerged and become favorites of many viewers. It is undeniable that the web drama has a plot, gender to a more promising lineup.

This is why there are so many popular web dramas, call it Layangan Putus (2021) to teen dramas like Antares (2021). Even during the last two years, many production companies have opted to make web dramas instead of movies.

They often work with multiple streaming platform to produce dramas adapted from novels or wattpad. Being at its peak, there are now a lot of new dramas that you really must watch.

Do you want to know what are the latest Indonesian dramas that you should not miss? For complete information, you can read it below.

1. Marriage Agreement The Series


Wedding Agreement The Series (2022) is a drama produced by Kharisma Starvision Plus. Directed by Archie Hekagery, this drama still retains some of the main characters, namely Indah Permatasari and Refal Hady who will continue to play the characters of Tari and Bian. This drama was very viral among women, as the story of the matter was really exciting.

As for the Wedding Agreement series (2022), Bian was forced to marry Tari, at the request of her parents.

Bian, unable to get away from her lover, asks Tari to sign a marriage contract that will expire in two years. Although disappointed, Tari still tries to be a good wife figure so that her husband can slowly open her heart.

2. Virgin Mom


This drama, which just aired on May 20, 2022, is truly a must-watch. Virgin Mom (2022) is a drama that has Amanda Rawles and Al Ghazali in the lead roles. Directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu, this drama has a unique premise. The story is about a girl who gets pregnant without having sex, how come she?

Naya is an accomplished badminton athlete, but her life changes when she finds out she’s pregnant. She never had sex and was still a virgin, this confused the whole family and received a bad stigma from society.

So what caused Naya to get pregnant and almost lose her future?

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3. Virgin The Series

  • Release year: 2022
  • Gender: Drama, Mystery
  • Production: Karisma Starvision Plus, Moviesta Pictures
  • Director: Monty Tiwa
  • Player: Adhisty Zara, Lutesha, Shalom Razade, Panji Zoni, Irzan Faiq, Alzi Marker’s, Laura Theux
  • Number of episodes: 10 episode

Starring Adhisty Zara, Virgin The Series (2022) is really very popular among teenagers. The drama, which was directed by Monty Tiwa, has a very good quality of story, cinematography, and acting. So don’t be surprised if this drama is called one of the must-see dramas in 2022.

Virgin The Series (2022) tells the story of Keke, the most popular girl who was found dead on her 17th birthday. Instead, Talita took advantage of this incident to make a documentary that could win her a scholarship. Along with her friends, Talita discovers the mystery behind Keke’s death that is full of questions.

4. Married to Senior


If this is a drama, it is the last drama that makes the audience can’t help but laugh out loud. Married with Senior (2022) is a drama based ongender romantic comedy starring Caitlin Halderman and Kevin Ardilova.

This drama tells the story of Mika, who is forced to marry her elder in a school that is known to be very violent. Angkasa is a classmate known to be very disciplined and repeatedly catches Mika red-handed in her strange uniform. Although they started a relationship with hate, they ended up falling in love you know.

5. Pretty Little Liars Season 2

  • Release year: 2022
  • Gender: Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Production: Pictures of Visinema
  • Director: Emil Heradi
  • Player: Yuki Kato, Anya Geraldine, Caitlin Halderman, Valerie Thomas, Shindy Huang
  • Number of episodes: 22 episode

The success with the first series, Pretty Little Liars Season 2 (2022) finally cured the longing and curiosity of the viewers.

Starring the same line of actors, this time the story will be more intense and full of mystery. Even this drama, made by director Emil Heradi, is guaranteed to have much better cinematography and quality.

Still telling the story of The Liars gang members, this time Hanna, Ema and Sabrina are losing their way. After Alissa’s disappearance, these three beautiful girls often receive terrifying terror from a person who calls himself “A”.

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They are trying to find out who is the mastermind of all these threats and terror, because their secrets may spread if the figure has not been caught.

6. Gosh and Ann the series


who hasn’t done it yet move on with a story sad ending between God and Ann? If so, it sounds like you should watch Geez & Ann The Series (2022).

In fact, some cast members of this drama had come across the topic of infidelity, which excited social networks. However, the drama directed by Rizki Balki and Hestu Saputra is still worth waiting for.

Geez & Ann The Series (2022) continues the previous story, when Geez and Ann already had a life of their own. The two met at an event. Geez is determined to get Ann back from Bayu.

Geez’s struggle to get back together with Ann is certainly not an easy one, because there are various issues and misunderstandings that keep coming up.

7. My nerdy girl


Starring Naura Ayu and Devano Danendra, several scenes from My Nerd Girl (2022) have really gone viral on TikTok. Even Naura and Devano’s appearance in this drama made many people surprised by the quality of the acting they gave.

My Nerd Girl (2022) tells the story of Rea, who tries to find out the cause of her twin sister’s suicide.

She disguises herself as her sister and begins to investigate Fara’s life and her sister’s friends at school. Although it was not easy, Rea managed to find several key code and the fact that his sister decided to commit suicide.

8. Dictation and Law

  • Release year: 2022
  • Gender: Romance, Melodrama, Comedy
  • Production: dee company
  • Director: Hadrah Daeng Ratu
  • Player: Natasha Wilona, ​​Ajil Ditto, Yoriko Angeline, Abun Sungkar
  • Number of episodes: 10 episode

Dikta and Law (2022) is indeed one of the most anticipated dramas by many fans. The drama is not only an adaptation of the popular Wattpad, but Natasha Wilona is the main character. After arousing the curiosity and anxiety of many fans, this series is finally officially released in 2022.

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As for Dikta and Law (2022), it tells the story of two friends who were promised by their parents. Although they have been close since childhood, it turns out that their personalities are like heaven and earth facing each other. Do you think Nadhira and Dikta can marry according to their parents’ wishes?

9. Contemporary husbands


drama ber-gender This comedy cannot be missed as one of the newest Indonesian dramas. Starring several well-known actors, Today’s Husbands (2022) pokes fun at several very common family problems. you know. FYI, it turns out that this drama was adapted from the Husband-Suami comedy Fear Wife (2007), which was popular at the time.

Today’s Husbands (2022) tells the story of four friends with their various love stories. There are those whose home is in crisis, so there are those who are lucky enough to be able to marry a rich widow.

These four men are trying to find solace in life, according to their respective dreams.

10. 17 forever


17 Forever (2022) is the newest drama that fans have been waiting for web drama Indonesia. Starring Syifa Hadju and Rizky Nazar, this Hanung Bramantyo drama really arouses the audience’s curiosity. Because from the crew to the cast, all of them are not just names in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

17 Forever (2022) tells the story of Dawai who is often bullied because he likes Putra. But behind the innocent figure of him, it turns out that Dawai keeps many secrets about the past.

Putra tries to discover the secrets associated with these legends and superstitions. But this will have a great impact on the future, which you are living now.

That’s the latest lineup of Indonesian dramas that you must watch. have a wide variety gender, the above dramas are guaranteed to have rated quality. In addition, several dramas were worked on by well-known directors, to the point of spending quite a high budget.