10 reasons why the game is an underrated classic

10 reasons why the game is an underrated classic
10 reasons why the game is an underrated classic

Celebrating their fifteenth anniversaryThe Legend of Zelda: Ghost Hourglass It’s DS’s most ambitious attempt at the legend of Zelda Play. Not just a sequel to the lover. wind rattanbut it also includes many concepts and ideas that have not been tried before in Zelda Play. But pH It is still a game that many fans view lightly.

However, the game has a dedicated crowd of fans who find the game not only fun, but also commendable. With over 15 years between its initial release and now, the game has been explored enough for its best features to really shine through, especially in the face of controversial later releases.

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The fake hourglass itself is unique.

One of the most unique aspects of the game is the clay hourglass, which can be used to stop time. This mechanic has a short lifespan, but is one of the more unusual mechanics in Zelda Franchise business. Very similar to a file. twilight princess Change the shape or skins of Majora’s MaskIt is a mechanic that some people see badly.

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It’s often seen as a cheat that lacks a meaningful use or explanation, but the fact remains that this is a tool that has many uses throughout the game, from puzzles in dungeons to quests for townspeople. Hourglass provides the game with a different tool that is creative and interesting.

Stealth was groundbreaking

Wind Waker Stealth Section

Thanks to the previous time stop mechanic, The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Hourglass It was able to offer some real stealth challenges that are easily found or boring. wind rattan. in wind rattanLink is often captured or placed in a position where stealth is the only option.

TLoZ: AP It builds well on this aspect of the game, giving Link a time freeze. This allows for more creative and interesting trick design, as well as many decisions about when to use force, how much to save, and more.

multiplayer was great

Legend of Zelda Toon Link Wind Waker Minish Cap Phantom Hourglass Spirit Tracks

while the Zelda Games are no strangers to a multiplayer experience, thanks four swords Of the games, they have always focused on the single player experience. This obviously works, but many would like more opportunities to play games with their friends and family.

TLoZ: AP Offers a multiplayer experience outside of the main game with Battle Mode. This game mode allows players to compete in a capture the flag style game where one person controls Phantom Statues to defend their gems, while the other player controls Link and tries to collect them.

collaborative label

Beedle with his guitar presents marking on the Phantom Hourglass

Similar to multiplayer, this game offered players a unique way to interact with others who were working on the game. Tagging provides a way to trade ship parts, allowing for unique upgrades and options for those who have used the mode in Beedles Barge.

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nothing more Zelda The game gave this kind of cooperative option to the players. Weather breath of the wild With the option to use Amiibos to obtain in-game items, co-op trading will be a great way to build a community around the game, as well as provide players with help and options.

His humor was charming.

Many critics of the game find it too cartoonish and childish. While art style is certainly present in the world of animation, it’s not fair to point out that ghost hourglass The game has a much lighter, more comedic tone to it in the way it handles the main quests and many side quests.

The best defense against this criticism is humor itself. while many Zelda Titles in recent years have had a more serious tone and humor has always been incorporated into the series, for better or worse. From bad jokes like Tingle to good jokes like Tingle’s RupeeLand, kid humor is a good thing in Zelda Serie.

The last boss was terrifying.

Bellum from The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

While players aren’t introduced to the true overlord until well past the middle of the game, Bellum is an extremely fearsome and terrifying creature to face. The prickly nature of a divine beast that consumes the life force of humans and gods alike is terrifying.

The squid-like Bellum has some standard features of the classic Zelda Head, like a large brightly colored eye. But the boss also has many unique aspects that make him stand out. For example, he is cunning, creating the legend of a ghost pirate ship to lure victims. He also possesses people, which leads to some very scary insights and decisions about how to annoy him.

The map is huge, but it seems compact.

ghost hourglass

One of the main attractions wind rattan It was a wonderful sea setting, where there are dozens of islands and places to go. ghost hourglass It builds on this idea with a seemingly larger world, especially with islands that Link can visit on his adventure. Each island feels very populated and lively.

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wind rattan It has a huge map, but a lot of that map is taken with empty space. This is great for providing players with a great sense of adventure and the unknown. but as a sequel, ghost hourglass She doesn’t need to build on the same sentiment, which allows her to focus more on the islands themselves.

epic soundtrack

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

in wind rattanThe music of the game takes center stage thanks to the use of the same magic wand of Wind Waker. This gave the game a very nice way to incorporate music into the game and make players more music conscious. Weather pH Lacking that kind of mechanic, it builds on the soundtrack in its own way.

Lots of clues in ghost hourglass very reminiscent of wind rattan Soundtrack: From the ocean theme to the president’s music. This soundtrack would be great on its merits, but its similarity to wind rattan It probably hurts, because returning players feel like they’ve already heard it.

She has a little fishing game.

The Legend of Zelda Helian Loach Fish of Time

What is fast becoming a standard item in all Zelda Video games, the little fishing game in ghost hourglass It is one of the best in the series. ocarina of time Set high standards, and ghost hourglass It exceeds this standard with flying colors, providing hours of entertainment outside of the standard game.

pHFishing is highly interactive and makes excellent use of the screen and stylus controls. The game consists of actively pulling the fishing line and working quickly to get the fish out. While the variety of fish available could use some improvement, this little game is still one of the best.

The customization frenzy has begun

breath of the wild And the paths of the soul They are two Zelda games that offer players an enormous amount of customization. Putu Link has various armor options, as well as dyes to use. paths of the soul Gives players control over Spirit Train’s appearance and abilities through customization. both have roots ghost hourglass.

While there are many fair criticisms of sea travel in pHThe fun of being able to create and change a ship’s appearance, capabilities and controls cannot be understated. Providing players with customization options brings something new and exciting in Zelda Series: creative expression and player agency.

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