11 ways to create more engaging content for your blog

11 ways to create more engaging content for your blog
11 ways to create more engaging content for your blog

11 Ways To Create More Engaging Content For Your Blog

Today I wanted to share some tips on how you can make your content more engaging, whether it’s written, video, or audio content. I’m mixing things up and trying out my new camera to create video content for the blog.

For those of you interested in the production aspects of this video. . . I’m happy with the visuals of the video considering it was shot with just the light from a window next to me (and the light changed throughout the 10 minute video). I need to pick up a microphone as this audio is coming directly from the camera and in the future I will consider some additional lighting. The camera is a Sony A7iii and the lens I am using is a 35mm f/1.4 (camera details at https://kit.com/darrenrowse/sony-gear) The camera is producing excellent results. I have been posting some of them on my Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/darrenrowse/

11 ways to create more engaging content for your blog

1. Make it useful

Unless your content is useful to people and is going to change their lives in some way, it probably doesn’t make sense to post it. You don’t have to change your readers’ lives in a big way with each post, but you do have to be helpful in some way: make your readers laugh if they feel sad; inform them of something they did not know before; update them on the latest news; give them a sense of belonging… If something is useful, it’s going to hold their attention for a longer period of time. One way to be helpful is to solve readers’ problems; This is how you do it.

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2. Share your opinion

I get very frustrated when I hear content that is just technical specifications or facts. I want to hear your opinion on how something could change my life in some way. To learn more about this, listen to my podcast episode on how to write an opinion post to get people to your blog.

3. Trim the lint

Don’t talk about things that are not essential to your message, go straight to the heart of the matter, to your main points.

4. Visualize your reader

If you have someone in mind while delivering your content, be it that video or the written word, you will be delivering it in a much more personal way and for a specific type of person. And if that person gets on the other side of your content, they will notice and feel like you know who they are and that you are writing for them. That’s convincing. There’s nothing like having a reader avatar in mind to help you visualize your reader – here’s How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog.

5. Make your posts scannable

Don’t overwhelm your readers with a dense block of text that is difficult to read. If you’re writing content, use titles, bullet points, and different formats to draw the reader’s attention to the different elements of your content and help them understand your article. Most people quickly scan an article before deciding whether to read it. Grab their attention, make them curious, and let them see that there is a benefit to reading your content. Here are 18 ways to create scannable content for your blog.

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6. Work (and rework) your headlines

Just like scannable articles, people look at your headline and quickly judge whether or not that content will be relevant and interesting to them. Compelling content starts with the headline. Ask yourself if the headline is intriguing, does it present a benefit and a reason to read the article? A good tool for this is Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer, which provides your headline and score and suggestions to help make it more compelling. Here’s another article that gives you some headline-specific tips.

7. Write with passion

If there is no passion in you for the way you write and present your content, your writers will pick up on this and they won’t feel any passion for your content either.

8. Give your readers something to do next

You don’t just want your content to be interesting. You want your content to FORCE your readers to DO something. Part of that is giving them something to do next: give them homework, something to go off and do or apply to their lives or tell someone else. This will extend your content beyond the moment it is consumed and live on in the readers it attracts.

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9. Include stories

You can’t do this with every piece of content, but in the right context, storytelling can really enhance your content. People remember stories because they touch the heart and resonate with their readers. If you need help with storytelling, here are 14 types of stories you can tell on your blog.

10. Give your posts visual appeal

Obviously, this applies to video or text, rather than audio content. But anything you can do to visually engage your readers will make your content more eye-catching, intriguing, and memorable. Images, graphics and formatting for written content. Video content can benefit from interesting backgrounds or settings, as well as its own engaging presentation. Here are some tools to create great visual content for your blog.

11. Practice creating engaging content

Compelling content doesn’t just happen, it takes years of learning and practicing the art and craft of creating content. Every time you create content, you are adding to your own experience and growing your big content creation muscles.

This post was originally published on April 11, 2018 and was updated on June 16, 2022.

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