11 ways to make a complete Gopay PIN with images 2022

11 ways to make a complete Gopay PIN with images 2022
11 ways to make a complete Gopay PIN with images 2022

How to make a Gopay PIN – will review the process of creating a PIN in the application published by Gojek. For those of you who are using the Gopay app, of course this is very necessary as it will provide security to your Gopay account.

If you have ever used ATM services in the banking world, you are of course already familiar with the term PIN. Yes, a PIN or Personal Identification Number is a secret code in the form of a series of numbers that is generally used as a security system in the digital world.

In the Gopay app itself, all users, including you, must create the PIN. Why is that? Because the PIN will be used when someone uses Gopay for various transactions, such as transfers, cash withdrawals and others.

Please note that this PIN is strictly confidential just like the OTP code/password, so make sure that other people do not know the PIN to keep your Gopay account safe. Also, if you belong to the forgetful group, you don’t have to worry about doing the PIN, because Gojek has also provided you with HOW TO OVERCOME FORGOT YOUR GOPAY PIN.

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How to make a Gopay PIN easily

How To Make A Gopay Pin

The use of Gopay has become common among the people of Indonesia. With all its advantages, many people choose to use this application published by Gojek to perform various types of transactions.

Where by using Gopay, you can pay monthly bills like electricity and PDAM. Even the payment of the bill for dinner with the bride can also be done with Gopay.

How to create a PIN

How To Create A Gopay App Pin

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, users of this app are required to create a PIN when using the Gopay app. You can do it by following these simple steps.

  1. First, open your Gopay app.
  2. After that, on the main screen, select the menu Arrangement.
    2. After That, On The Main Screen, Select The Settings Menu.
  3. Then select the menu Set PIN.
  4. Then enter the 6-digit number you want. This 6-digit number is your Gopay PIN.
    4. Next, Enter The 6-Digit Number You Want.
  5. Then enter the PIN again. This step is the PIN creation confirmation process, so enter the same 6 digits as step 4.
    5.Then Log In Again.
  6. If correct, the Gopay server will send a code prosecution to the mobile number registered in the system.
    6. If Correct, The Server Will Send The Otp Code To The Mobile Number Registered In The System.
  7. Enter the code prosecution in the PIN generation process.
    7. Enter The Otp Code.
  8. If the OTP code is correct, it will display the words PIN activated successfully.
    8. If The Otp Code Is Correct, It Will Display The Words Activated Correctly.
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Benefits of the Gopay PIN

Benefits Of The Gopay Pin

Maybe it’s still on your mind, why do you have to do a PIN, anyway? According to lupapin herself, by creating and using a PIN, the security of your account will increase. Because your personal data in the Gopay app is important, especially the Gopay balance. By creating a PIN, it will be difficult for others to access your account.

Another advantage of using a PIN as a security system is that it can be easily changed/replaced. Where the Gopay PIN itself can be replaced with HOW TO CHANGE THE GOPAY PIN IN THE GOJEK APP.

Important things when creating a PIN

Important Things When Creating A Gopay Pin

Some important things to remember when going through the PIN creation process are:

  1. Please note that the PIN and OTP are very sensitive personal data.
  2. Never share your PIN or OTP code with other people, Gojek is no exception.
  3. Gojek will never ask you for your PIN or OTP code.
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Frequently asked questions about how to create a Gopay PIN

1. What if I can’t generate a PIN?

If an error occurs or a PIN cannot be created, please contact Gojek customer service at the number 1500304.

2. How to request the Gopay OTP code?

When going through the PIN creation process, if you do it correctly, you will automatically receive an OTP code through the SMS service.

3. How to see the OTP code?

You can view and verify the Gopay OTP code in the SMS sent by Gojek to your cell phone number.

Therefore, there is a discussion about how to create a Gopay PIN. Once again, remember that the Gopay PIN and OTP code are personal data and are confidential. And if you want to verify the accuracy of the information on behalf of Gojek, immediately contact customer service by phone at the number 1500304 or email to [email protected].