12 Business Ideas for Weddings Apart from Catering, How Blessings in the Wedding Season!

12 Business Ideas for Weddings Apart from Catering, How Blessings in the Wedding Season!
12 Business Ideas for Weddings Apart from Catering, How Blessings in the Wedding Season!

If you’ve made it to this article, you’ve probably realized that wedding season can be a cash crop. that’s why you’re looking Business idea wedding to start a startup.

yes business idea wedding to have promising financial potential. From the need for the services of preparing invitations, preparing food to making deliveries, everything can be an income.

Well, here we review a business idea wedding that you can try to practice. Come on, look and prepare notes!

Business idea Wedding Bring money and blessings

The following is a summary of business ideas and services related to wedding apart from business catering that you can use as inspiration to start a business.

  1. service business Wedding planner
  2. service business wedding decoration
  3. Business Memory of the wedding
  4. Photography and video Documentation services Business
  5. business invitation card design
  6. Business Fashion designer
  7. Business custom accessories
  8. Business makeup artist/Bride’s makeup
  9. Business wedding band
  10. service business wedding master
  11. Business baskets Wedding
  12. bridal jewelry business

A more detailed description of business job description wedding we spread under this.

1. Service business Wedding planner

Bisnis Wedding Organizer

Wedding planner (WO) is the organizer of the wedding activities. In recent decades, this business has started to grow. because in fact profitable for beginners.

If you are interested in service company WOhere is a description of the work it does:

  • Planning event concept – budget, place for supplier’s needs, such as documentation, MC, food, memory to decoration;
  • as coordinator – communication bridge between the client – ​​the bride’s family, with the providers of the MC;
  • Arrange run over (event activities) – from pre-event, event, to post-event.

The price of services may vary. region factor Y package type Of course, it also affects the price.

But for the price range you can from Rp. 12 millions if the event is held without renting a building.

2. Service business wedding decoration

Business idea wedding decoration who is in charge of making the wedding decorations. This type of business will be contacted directly by the client or the OT.

Some decorations or decorations and accessories that are made by service wedding decoration among others:

  • wedding ceremony decoration
  • Wedding event entrance decoration
  • hallway decoration
  • Decoration of tables and benches for guests
  • wedding ceremony table/altar decoration
  • wedding reception stage decoration
  • food table decoration
  • lighting decoration
  • flower decoration
  • ceiling decoration

But before starting a business wedding decorationYou should also understand the business risks when perform BEP calculations.

3. Business Memory of the wedding

The next business idea is the provision of services memory for the wedding. Memory Weddings are usually given to guests to take home.

supplier’s duties memory it is:

  • Discuss with customers about what kind of souvenirs you want;
  • Cost calculation make souvenirs and earnings;
  • Design memory according to customer agreement;
  • Produce memory itself.

examples memory for events wedding The popular ones are as follows:

  • Bag
  • Cardholder
  • versatile portfolio
  • weaving place
  • Laptop
  • drink bottle
  • scented candles
  • set the bowl
  • Bowl
  • Handbag
  • Leather articles
  • Tumblr

For the sale price of memory itself, from Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 20,000 per item.

4. Photo and video documentation service business

Hipwee C Blurmediaphotography Jp Danko Dwn 2040

Business idea wedding Next is the wedding video and photo documentation service. This service is suitable for those of you who like your Photography Y videography.

To open this service, some tips you need to know they are as follows:

  • Mapping of the types of photography services – some types of marriage documents are premarital or pre wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding;
  • Determining the price – to determine the price, several things to consider are the location of the documentation, the necessary tools, the time spent from shooting to editing and accommodation;
  • Determination of the location of the company. – the location or place of your business must be clear. So that customers who use your services have confidence;
  • doing promotions – important promotions so that your potential customers know where your business exists;
  • Prepare human resources – Normally, wedding photo and video efforts cannot be done alone. You need someone else because the team is a lot;
  • expand connections – important connections like bridal makeup, invitation services, fashion designers and others. Because they have the potential to contact you when there is a job offer.

How? interested in trying?

5. Business Invitation Card Design

Business idea wedding the next thing you can try is invitation card design.

Tips for starting a printing business invitation for wedding or marriage to succeed is as follows:

  • Provide catalog – There are important catalogs so that your potential clients can choose which invitation referrals you can make. But designs can also be presented according to the wishes of the client;
  • Choose material or materials – As a printed medium of invitation, choose material in the form of quality but cheap paper. The commonly used paper is cartoon art either matte paper;
  • doing promotions – Currently, promotion is easy to do through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. To attract the attention of potential customers, you need to create an attractive caption. In fact, How to do caption seductive almost equal to How to make an attractive product description.

a number of Initial capital that you must take into account to start an invitation card design business wedding among them:

  • Laptops;
  • Printing machine;
  • invitation paper;
  • Invitation printing machine.

6. Service business Fashion designer

Business idea Fashion It has been very popular among young people lately. Starting since kids fashion business ideas, men’s fashionuntil feminine fashion.

But the service business idea fashion designer by wedding quite different. Because normally this business depends on creativity fashion design one of quality and qualified.

Tips for starting a service fashion designer for marriage are the following:

  • Specify a field design fashion wedding – this is important to determine your experience in the world Fashion Where is it. Are you good at making Javanese kebaya or Sundanese kebaya?
  • Understand potential customers Well, understanding the customer must start with asking many customers. weddingdon’t assume in your opinion;
  • more connections – friends, colleagues and colleagues can be a strong connection for business fashion design You are running smoothly. Because normally clients come because they get information from your friends;
  • Always up to date – What fashion designer You should always understand the latest trends. So that when the client speaks the model Fashion last for weddingCan you understand it;
  • have originality – as a creative work, fashion designer should have signature or the originality that distinguishes designer other.
  • Use of social networks for promotion. – These days, social media promotions don’t always pay, really. Just like Instagram, you can promote for free using hashtagsas long as you know how to find hashtags on instagramit must be full.

7. Service business makeup artist

Business idea wedding next is the service makeup artist or commonly known as MUA.

How to start an MUA service business and the tips are as follows:

  • Improve your makeup skills. – you can do this without watching a lot of MUA videos that are scattered on Tiktok and coils single. That is important but not enough. I have to practice a lot too;
  • Prepare a complete makeup tool necessities – tool make-up Commonly needed, among others, such as: Foundationdust, shademascara, lipstick and the like;
  • Learn about the latest makeup trends. – You can follow the latest makeup styles through social networks. And you don’t just listen to the trends in Indonesia. But also abroad.
  • has a characteristic make-up You – as an artist, you must be able to differentiate your makeup products from others.
  • Promotion through instagram content. – this is a very powerful promotion, especially if your content is complete with IG reels and connectable instagram feed.

Apart from business ideas wedding above, five other ideas you can try are as follows:

  • 8. Business custom accessories
  • 9. Business wedding band
  • 10. Service business Wedding MC
  • 11. The wedding hinders the business
  • 12. Bridal Jewelry Business

In your opinion, we need to review the previous ideas in more depth, right? If so, what information would you like to know? Come on, let us know in the comments below, okay?


So our explanation of the business idea wedding that you can try Let’s hope your experiment succeeds and turns into a profitable cash field, yes.

I hope this article will help you make business decisions and make your business a success.

Thank you for reading.

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