13 Free Credit Applications Direct and Fast Income 2021

13 Free Credit Applications Direct and Fast Income 2021
13 Free Credit Applications Direct and Fast Income 2021

The best way to get free credit from the internet and Android phones is to download and use the latest free credit app. Through this application, you have the opportunity to obtain a large amount of credit. Other than that, there are plenty of great prizes, including cash.

The requirement to get free credit is to complete various jobs and requests that the application requests. Here are 13 free cash and credit building apps you can try.

Free apps to earn credit

1. Press free

Free Pulse

This application developed by Fokat will give you not only credit but also various attractive prizes if you can complete the various challenges provided. In fact, it is not impossible, you can get cash from your hard work.

There are several tasks that you need to complete to get free credit. One of them is to download as many apps as possible. The more apps you download, the higher your chances of getting credit in bulk.



PopSlide is an application that allows users to earn additional income from the Internet. The main feature of this app is the money sharing feature by making the app users perform various jobs. The main type of work is promotion.

Later, you are asked to promote a product by sharing a link with other people. Take advantage of social networks and your network to be able to spread the product widely. You’ll earn points that can then be redeemed for various attractive rewards, including credit and money.

3. Take a nap

Take A Nap

This free credit application, which has been covered by several well-known media outlets in the country, can grant credit for free. You will be required to download various applications, and in a certain amount, you can later redeem the success of the requested activity for pulses of 5 thousand to 100 thousand rupees.

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4. Coin Monster


Coin Monster will distribute free credit to its users who successfully complete various challenges. To get free credit, you are required to read articles, watch interesting content, and complete surveys. Also invite friends and relatives to increase popularity.



The name of this app is quite unique, JAKPAT aka Poll. As the name suggests, you can get various prizes by taking part in various surveys that will be displayed on the app. Filling out surveys in this app is fun, easy, fast and guaranteed not to be boring.

Make sure that the verification process is carried out correctly so that the survey and its results can be valid and earn points. In addition to credit and donations, the prizes you will get after participating in the survey on JAKPAT are shopping vouchers, movie tickets, various kinds of gadgets and accessories.

6. Roof Rack Plus

Roof Rack Plus

Good news for those of you who like to read a variety of things. Baca Plus is a free credit application that will give you various rewards if you are able to read various news. Available news are technology news, politics, celebrity gossip, economic news and many more.

The news presented is not only local but also international news. In addition to reading the news, you can also watch various videos. There is also a gaming community where you can get the latest information, tips and guides on various new games or games to be released in the future.

7. Quick Cart

Fast Cart

Don’t throw away your prescriptions or monthly shopping receipts. Through Snapcart, you can earn a variety of attractive rewards by showing purchase receipts. This application is capable of detecting various types of purchase receipts. Be sure to immediately take a photo of your purchase receipt and enter it into the app.

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The more purchase receipts, the more points you accumulate. These points can be exchanged for credit, money and the interesting thing is purchase vouchers. In addition to giving receipts, you can also earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and other light activities.

8. New Sakura


Not unlike Baca Plus, NewSaku will reward you if you can read the various types of news available. This app is suitable for those of you who like to read. When you finish reading, you will get coins that you can exchange for credit, cash, etc.

In addition to reading news in text form, you can also watch informative videos. The news that appears have been optimized with the user’s preferences. Not infrequently, there are funny videos that you can watch as well. The feature of using the app to exchange coins is also found in this free credit app.

9.Cash Pop


What if you can make money lying down and playing HP? Of course it’s fun. This CashPop app will realize this. CashPop will reward you by doing various activities, from browsing, listening to music, to playing games.

Subsequently, you will get points for each activity you do. These points can be exchanged for pulses, essential items, movie tickets, streaming services, vouchers and data packages. For those of you who can’t get away from your cell phone, this CashPop app is really profitable.

10. Earnings from A to Z


Watching advertisements, playing light and easy games, and entering and winning math quizzes are some of the activities that will earn you free credits. There are also regular giveaways where you can win cash with the AZ Earning app.

11.mCent Browser

Mcent Browser

Browsing the internet through a browser is a daily activity that many people do. Through this free credit app, you can get paid when you browse the internet. Of course, this is very beneficial for anyone using mCent Browser. An opportunity not to be missed.

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12. Survey


As the name suggests, this app will give you money and credit if you successfully complete various surveys provided by the app. All you need to do is answer a variety of light questions, collect points and exchange them for various attractive prizes.

The activity of filling out the survey is a light and fun activity. When else can you earn money just by completing surveys? The types of questions in the survey are guaranteed not to be difficult and you can even answer them with your eyes closed and without thinking deeply and critically.

13. Cashier


Cashtree is one of the most recommended credit generating applications. The app also distributes great cash prizes. How to get free credit is quite easy. There are several methods that you can do to get free credit through this app.

The most popular method is to access and share ads from co-creators. In addition to advertising, you can also earn money using the lock screen. There are also methods to download and use the app. Anyway, getting credit here is fun.

These applications can be used in spare time. There is nothing difficult in the requirements to obtain free credit and money through the free credit application. It would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to obtain credit through an almost instantaneous and simple process.

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