15 terms and abbreviations on Instagram

15 terms and abbreviations on Instagram
15 terms and abbreviations on Instagram

For those of you who have been using Instagram for a long time, you are of course familiar with the various terms and abbreviations it contains. But for people who are new to using it, of course they might get confused when reading these terms.

If you’re not yet familiar with Instagram terms and abbreviations, don’t worry. Because, in this post, we will specifically discuss these abbreviations and terms. After reading this article to the end, of course you will no longer be confused when you come across these abbreviations and terms on Instagram.

Here are 15 terms and abbreviations on Instagram

Terms And Abbreviations On Instagram

1. Follow a follower

One of the terms often found on Instagram is follow and follower. The follow feature feature allows you to follow other people’s accounts and get information about their latest posts. While follower is a term for the people who follow your Instagram account.

2. I like

You will also come across this term often when playing Instagram. This term is used to indicate that there are other users who like a particular post, be it someone else’s post or your own.

3. Comment

This term is certainly not foreign to Instagram users, as it is intended to provide comments or responses related to certain content or posts. With this feature, each user can thank or give feedback to the post owner regarding their post.

4. SG

These terms and abbreviations are also often obtained when someone plays Instagram. This abbreviation refers to SG (Snapgram) or Instagram story, which is used to share short posts. Other users can only view Instagram stories within 24 hours. After that, the post will be deleted automatically.

5. Activity source

The term Activity Feed is nothing more than a feature that allows other users to follow Instagram accounts, like and comment on these posts. The system works similarly to notifications.

6. Label

If you see short words marked with a fence at the bottom of a post, that tag is mentioned with the hashtag. Its main function is to categorize posts or stories on Instagram. By clicking, you will be able to see all the posts and stories that use the same hashtag.

7 Legend

This term is a function to write a short description of the post you want to upload. With this feature, users can find out the content of the message conveyed in a post.

8. Food

The term feed or feed is used to attract other Instagram users when viewing your Instagram profile. So try to make your feed as attractive as possible by using consistent colors for example, or also using photo grids etc.

9. Location

Location is a term for the additional information you share regarding your location. It’s also often used in user-submitted posts so people who see the post can know where it is.

10. Geotag

This term is used to tag the location of your post. Location tagging with this feature is certainly more accurate because GPS must be turned on first. Unlike the location feature, which does not require you to turn on GPS first if you want to pinpoint your location.

11. News Feed

This term is used to display news or posts from accounts you have followed before. If in other social networks, the most used term is Home.

12. Saved

Explanation Of Terms And Abbreviations On Instagram

Terms and abbreviations on Instagram that are also often seen are saved. This term is used for features that allow Instagram users to save content or posts they have viewed. Later, you can view the post again by accessing it in the saved menu on the profile page.

13. Ghost Follower

Perhaps this term is still strange to some of you. Recently, this term seems to be used for their Instagram followers who only watch or search for news, never comment on anything.


Another term that has recently appeared in hashtags is LFL (Like for Like). If you want to get a lot of likes on a post, use this term in your title. Of course, other users will be happy to like your posts. But, you have to like the reply to the account that liked it before.


The terms and abbreviations on Instagram that have also appeared recently are FFF (Follow for Follow). Through this hashtag, you are hinting to other users to exchange followers. This means that other users must follow your account first before you can follow them.

Those are 15 terms and abbreviations on Instagram that are important to know. If you play Instagram, of course, you will get the above abbreviations and terms. In order not to get confused, you need to memorize all the terms and abbreviations.

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