25 Alight Motion Presets Under 5MB Latest Jedag Jedug 2022

25 Alight Motion Presets Under 5MB Latest Jedag Jedug 2022
25 Alight Motion Presets Under 5MB Latest Jedag Jedug 2022

Hello, see you again with konyoha.com, in this post admin will share a collection of latest Jedug presets of Alight Motion Pause 2022 with sizes less than 5 MB. So here just click on the link and the preset will be automatically imported into your AM app.

Oh yes, before we get into the presets, the admin will first explain what is the Alight Motion app and what is the Alight Motion preset.

What is LightMotion?

alight movement or what is usually abbreviated AM is a professional video editing application that allows you to create visual effects, motion graphics, video composition, and much more.

Currently, especially in Indonesia, the Alight Motion app is widely used to create video pauses, that is, videos or photos that are given animation effects or movements according to the rhythm of music. It is not uncommon today that there are many video pauses that we can find on social networks such as Tiktok and Instagram.

What are Alight motion presets?

One of the advantages of the Alight Motion application is that the creator can share his project with others through a link or a file in XML format, this project file is called Alight Motion preset.

So if you can’t edit yourself with the AM app, you can import other people’s projects that have been shared. You can then replace the photos in it with your own photos or videos.

Latest Alight Motion Jedag Jedug Preset Collection Less than 5MB

Well, in this article, admin will share the latest collection of Alight Motion presets in 2022 with file sizes less than 5MB. The presets shared by the admin this time are great, you know. You can see the preset preview below.

Preview Preset:

Here is a set of Alight Motion presets under 5 MB:

Preset 1
Cr @nabilaedit_ | tik tok

preset 2
Cr @rei_preset | tik tok

preset 3
Cr @rei_preset | tik tok
preset 4
Cr @rei_preset | tik tok

Preset 5
Cr @nayykedtzy__ | Instagram

preset 6
Cr @frhhnaww | tik tok

preset 7
Cr @frhhnaww | tik tok
preset 8
Cr @anggipreset | tik tok

preset 9
Cr @anggipreset | tik tok

preset 10
Cr @andipreset04 | TIC Tac
preset 11
Cr @andipreset04 | TIC Tac

preset 12
Cr @rosid_edits | tik tok
preset 13
Cr @rosid_edits | tik tok

preset 14
Cr @Masskeypreset | tik tok
preset 15
Cr @masskeypreset | tik tok

preset 16
Cr @candra.09 | tik tok
preset 17
Cr @candra.09 | tik tok

preset 18
Cr @sendykusuma410 | tik tok
preset 19
Cr @sendykusuma410 | tik tok

preset 20
Cr @_sy.randy | Instagram
preset 21
Cr @astrapreset | tik tok

preset 22
Cr @rlandtz2 | Instagram

preset 23
Cr @dly_preset | tik tok

preset 24
Cr @yanredtz_ | Instagram
preset 25
Cr @wong_ruwet37 | tik tok

Well that’s the latest collection of AM Pausg jedug presets that are going viral on Tiktok right now. How? Presets are really cool, right? Don’t forget to share this preset with your friends by clicking the Share button below. Hopefully this article was useful and see you in the next post. Greetings pause!

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