25 Recommended Roleplaying Apps You Should Try

25 Recommended Roleplaying Apps You Should Try
25 Recommended Roleplaying Apps You Should Try

role player app it is a necessary place for role play of various people. But it turns out that there are still many who do not know what applications can be used to play role-playing games.

What is the role player?

Role-playing games are games that are played to imitate someone or act as if they were a certain person.

Usually, the role actor is played by several people, and the main character becomes an artist or imitates the habits of the artist.

And then the players have to guess who is the person on the paper.

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RPG games are booming when they are played by kpop fans on various platforms, and these are the RPG platforms and apps that you must try.

Recommended Apps for Role Players to Try

Here are some recommendations for apps that are commonly used to play role-playing games and are recommended for those who are new to kpop and other role-playing gamers.

1. telegram

Aplikasi Roleplayer Telegram

In general, role players are played by more than 2 people, so a suitable and suitable application is needed to accommodate many players.

One of the applications that is most used as a role application is Telegram. Because Telegram can accommodate up to thousands of people in a group or channel.

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Telegram is also one of the places that is deliberately used to play role-playing games, the average Korean and K-pop genres.

2. Twitter

Aplikasi Roleplayer Twitter

Before there were many role-playing players in various places, Twitter was the first place where various public accounts disguised as kpop members played role-playing games.

Before the rise of RPGs, Twitter was the place that was commonly used as an RPG app, especially in the early 2013s.

But now you rarely see people playing role-playing games on Twitter.


Aplikasi Roleplayer Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the recommended applications for role-playing games because it is private.

So that people who are not part of the group do not know all the activities carried out by the members of the group.

Whatsapp is the best alternative to Telegram that is recommended.


Aplikasi Roleplayer Facebook

Facebook social networks are a favorite place for child role-players to hang out. They usually form a group that discusses the role players before they start playing.

The members discuss among themselves to determine who will be the role player and who will participate to animate the game.

In addition, Facebook groups are also the best alternative to get to know each other and get to know each other, so it will be easier to meet each other personally.

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Aplikasi Roleplayer Instagram

Playing rolepayer on Instagram is unique, they will usually create a new Instagram account with random characters.

Therefore, it will be difficult to predict and make the game more exciting. Roleplayer will follow multiple public accounts which can be one of these public accounts.

The victim will post and so will Snapgram according to the role-playing habits he cloned.

6. Line

Aplikasi Roleplayer Line

An alternative app for role-playing is Line, although people don’t use line much now, this app is a base camp for role-players who are still in demand.

The advantage of the Line app for role players is that you can send interesting stickers to make the game more exciting and fun.

7. Kakao Talk

Aplikasi Roleplayer Kakaotalk

For professional role-playing gamers who often play role-playing games, they will usually choose social networks that are really genuine like kpop, so they will play role-playing games on KakaoTalk app.

The reason why they play on KakaoTalk is because they want to be very similar to real Koreans, so sometimes they also communicate in Korean using Google translate.


Aplikasi Roleplayer Tiktok

Tiktok is one of the most crowded social networks today, so role player apps can also be played on tiktok.

Aside from being a place to make short videos, it turns out that Tiktok also has a lot of role-playing like other apps.

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Aplikasi Roleplayer Gta

GTA 5 game is very popular among gamers, but who would have thought that in GTA game there is an RPG server where you can become any character you want.

For example, you can become a police officer, to become a driver in the game. You can even become a thug to rob other people passing by.

But there is also the police who can act at any time and will be sentenced to prison.

10. Rpnation.com

Aplikasi Roleplayer Rpnation

There is a forum that provides rooms or places to play the Roleplayer app called Rpnation.com.

There you can choose according to your wish to imitate artists or kpop like BTS and other artists.

You can also make friends with members by joining the international RPG community on the forum.

How to play Roleplayer in apps

How to play rp in the app is very easy, you just need to choose the app you want and don’t forget to invite members to participate.

For example, if you want to play a role-playing game on Rpnation.com, join some of the rooms that have been created and then assume the desired role or guess the roles that people have played.

If you are still confused and want to ask about other RP stuff, please leave it in the comment column.