3 Types of Investments That Can Beat Inflation

3 Types of Investments That Can Beat Inflation
3 Types of Investments That Can Beat Inflation

Ruang.kosongin.com Inflation is a general and continuous increase in prices over a given period, but an increase in the price of one or two goods cannot be linked to inflation unless the increase is generalized or causes an increase in the prices of other goods.

The indicator to measure the inflation rate that is usually used is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The determination of goods and services in the CPI is based on the Cost of Living Survey (SBH) carried out by the Central Statistics Agency (BPJS).

The PPI is an indicator that measures changes in the average price received by domestic producers for the goods they produce. The Large Trade Price Index (HBPI) is the transaction price between the first large seller and the next large buyer or the bulk trade in the first market for a commodity.

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3 Types of Investments That Can Beat Inflation

1. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a place to raise funds from investors. Investment managers then invest the funds at different profiles, durations, and risk levels. Before entering a mutual fund, it is necessary to clarify the desired investment objectives.

2. Deposit

Deposits are savings products where deposits and withdrawals can only be made at certain times. Deposits are also considered the safest investment. Deposit interest rates are also very diverse, depending on the bank you choose to deposit the funds. However, the interest rate is fixed and can even be guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).

Meanwhile, excess time deposits, that is, higher interest rates than savings, can be used as collateral for debt in the same bank liquidity, and can also be taken at any time as long as it is in accordance with the term. The drawback is that it can be penalized if taken before the agreed due date.

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3) No

Gold is the most favored investment with a tendency for prices to rise, is stable and can adjust to the value of the investment by weight of gold. However, if you want a short-term investment, gold is not the right solution and it is difficult to hold because it is easy to lose.

Those were the 3 types of investments that can beat inflation, I hope the above information is helpful and good luck.

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