3 Ways to Find a Lost FB Account and Secure It

3 Ways to Find a Lost FB Account and Secure It
3 Ways to Find a Lost FB Account and Secure It

How to find a lost, forgotten or even hacked Facebook account is quite easy to do. Being the first social media platform that has been used by the world community since 2004 and popular in 2010.

Technological developments make more and more various problems in cyber cases. Therefore, you should keep your social media accounts as secure as possible so as not to become the target of other bad people’s crimes.

Why can’t I find my Facebook account?

Forgot your password or do you think your account has been hacked? In this step by step we will tell you how to find a lost facebook account and recover it so that it can be used again.

Honestly, FB Party has revealed an automated way to help find and retrieve it. Simply provide information on the email address, username or linked number and the search process can be carried out to find the account.

However, if you can’t find it, there are other ways to do it. Although the chance is quite small, how to find a lost facebook account can still be done until you manage to find the account.

You may need to get a little creative to find accounts, such as remembering names, numbers, linked emails, and friend lists. By remembering it, you can find the account so that it can be used again as usual.

Facebook account recovery is tricky, especially if you haven’t set up a backup restore option. Note that many of the options below take time, patience, many people are said to have had success.

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Reasons why Facebook feature accounts disappear on their own

Before knowing how to find a lost Facebook account, you may be interested in knowing the reason for the account’s disappearance. This is also a question that many users often ask on Facebook.

The world’s largest social media network with the largest number of users often runs into cyber trouble. Its users are spread all over the world, from young to old people.

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The main reason is spammers, who add a lot of friends, so the account is considered spam. Having thousands of friends is the dream of every social media user, but it actually makes the facebook account disappear on its own.

Too much liking for a friend’s update can also result in spam activity. Instead of losing your account, it’s better to keep your account safe by limiting reactions or likes to your friends’ updates so they aren’t judged as spam.

Anything in excess is bad, including following and being a member of multiple Facebook groups. This resulted in the loss of the account because in the group there were usually threats such as malware viruses.

2. Violate Facebook policies

The next step is to upload obscene things like nudity, genitalia, or other images. Therefore, you need to be careful when uploading images to social networks to prevent the Facebook profile from disappearing on its own.

Comment on someone’s page, but the comment invites or causes chaos. Not only that, when you upload an update or status, things that create chaos can also delete the account.

Too often, messaging someone is also the reason your account is lost. Of course, because you already know that Facebook considers your account to be the property of a message spammer.

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The easiest way to find a lost FB account

For ordinary users, of course, they have panic attacks when they have their Facebook account, either because they have many friends or because they are afraid of being taken over by others. As you know, there are many crimes using social media.

However, often the cause of account loss is due to activity that Facebook considers suspicious on your account. You don’t have to worry, below is a powerful way to find a lost Facebook account.

1. Use of the telephone number

How To Find A Lost Fb Account

As for how to find a lost Facebook account, this can be done when the account is not hacked or the information has not been changed by the hacker, namely:

  1. Visit the facebook page.
  2. Once opened, you can choose the forgotten password service.
  3. After that, enter the registered phone number and make sure the number is still active.
  4. Next, there will be a notification asking if you want to get a pin to reset the account password.
  5. Finally click Yes to confirm.
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2. Access to trusted email

If the phone number cannot be reached, please try to contact your account via email. That’s why it’s important to set up an email when you sign up for Facebook, so that when there’s a problem it’s not hard to contact you.

The method is the same as a phone number, that is,

  • Please log in fb page first.
How To Find A Lost Fb Account
  • Select the forgotten password service.
  • Write your email, wait for the verification code to appear and fill in the fields.

3.Facebook support

Facebook Help Center

When all the ways to find a lost Facebook account don’t work, you can go to the help center. Various problems and solutions will appear on the main page to overcome users.

In the problem encountered, you can choose an account that is hacked and does not have access to login. The fb part will work to find the account and will be informed by email or sms.

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The impact of playing FB you need to know

Of course, playing on a social network has both positive and negative impacts, everything is created depending on how the user uses it. So you have to use it in the smartest way possible to get the good effect.

Someone who has facebook usually play it for hours, because the content is interesting or he forgets the time, so when the fb disappears, the user gets nervous because he can’t be online.

Playing fb also makes it easy for someone to fall victim to news hoaxes in Indonesia. We often come across various hoaxes, like A is still alive, like Soekano’s case yesterday.

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There is a group that takes over other people’s accounts to spread fake news. If it happens to your account, immediately use a way to find a lost Facebook account so that it is not used for various things.

In addition to taking personal data, fb also builds an antisocial spirit in its users. Users will be too busy playing games to forget to socialize with the people around them.

Tips to secure the account so you don’t lose it

When you understand why you can lose Facebook, the owner must understand that you should not try things that invite suspension. Not just temporary suspension, but creating a new account will also get you suspended again.

1. Use complicated passwords

Give another security key to make it hard to crack, you can add multiple settings. One of them is by combining complex passwords, so that it is not easy for others to guess.

If the password is already complex, you should avoid the save login function if you use a common device. When suddenly someone even changes your information, you can use a way to find lost Facebook account.

2. Enable login alert feature

The login alert function must be active to monitor if someone enters. It will not only notify you of incoming notifications of new devices, but also the intruder’s device type will be visible.

The method is,

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Open Facebook settings.
  3. Then go to menu privacy security > sign in or sign in.
  4. Later there will be an incoming email regarding the activation of the function, then please confirm.

3. Enable two-step verification

The last way is to enable two-factor authentication where when you enter a new device you will be asked for a code. So no one can break through, including you, if you forget the code.

As a popular social network in the world, Facebook continues to grow by adding various features, including spam identification, which makes many accounts disappear. But luckily, there is a way to find a lost Facebook account.