3 ways to get MIUI updates sooner

3 ways to get MIUI updates sooner
3 ways to get MIUI updates sooner

This time I will give a tutorial on how to get the latest MIUI updates ahead of time.

For faster Xiaomi or Pocophone cell phone performance, make sure you are using the latest MIUI ROM with updates that should increase the speed of your cell phone.

In addition to increasing speed or performance, the latest version of MIUI also improves its security system so that mobile phones are not easily exposed to viruses from outside.

Therefore, I recommend always checking for the latest MIUI ROM updates for better performance and security.

However, for some Xiaomi or POCO HP devices, sometimes the latest MIUI version update will be late in the MIUI ROM update system menu. Because sometimes there are also releases but they cannot be obtained due to delays.

We can get the latest ROM not only via MIUI updater, to get the latest MIUI ROM faster, we can directly download it in zip format. You can also use the MIUI updater app so you can immediately know the latest MIUI ROM news from various regions or regions.

Here are some ways to get MIUI updates sooner.

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How to get the previous MIUI update and the latest version

Getting the latest version of MIUI earlier than others is an advantage, because we can update MIUI earlier and it will improve performance and speed.

So to get the latest information from MIUI and be able to update it manually, we can do it in several ways.

Here are some ways to get the latest MIUI sooner.

1. Using the MIUI download app

Miui Downloader |  News And Applications
Miui Downloader |  News And Applications

By using the MIUI Downloader app, you can immediately find the latest MIUI updates easily and they have been sorted by the Xiaomi or POCO HP series you are using.

Here you can see for yourself the various MIUI ROM variants ranging from MIUI Global, China, Indonesia and other region or region based ROMs supported by Xiaomi.

The information is very complete and updated of course. Not only that, we can also download older MIUI ROMs or older versions easily, so you can also roll back to the older version if you encounter issues on the latest MIUI version.

Just match the MIUI ROM to your cell phone and your convenience. In addition to that, you can also try the global and Chinese version of the MIUI ROM or outside the Indonesian region. But make sure you know in advance how to change MIUI ROM to a non-region version so that it doesn’t just install and error.

2. Through the Xiaomi community website

The following is through the official or official website of the Xiaomi community. We can directly download the latest MIUI ROM through the Xiaomi official site.

Please visit Xiaomi official community site, then search the forum for the HP series you are using, then select the MIUI ROM and download the ROM as you wish.

Don’t be afraid or hesitate to download, make sure the website is official from Xiaomi or its community.

Visit the Xiaomi community website: Download MIUI.

3. Through the Xiaomi Facebook group

I often know the latest information about Xiaomi because I often open the Xiaomi Facebook group.

Find a group on Facebook about your type of Xiaomi cell phone, and then join there for free. Turn on frequent notifications or frequent groups there to get early MIUI release information.

And usually if the update was released, people will check the latest MIUI ROM they are using and include a download link or how to update the latest MIUI.

Advantages of the latest advance MIUI updates

By updating the MIUI ROM earlier, we can get several benefits, including the following:

  • Got the latest security patch
  • The appearance becomes new and fresh.
  • Additional features that were not in the previous version
  • Performance gets faster
  • Fixed bugs and errors in previous versions of MIUI

So always update your ROM version to the latest to update the device you are using.


Well, this is probably how to find the latest version of MIUI ROM easily.

Use the latest version of MIUI to get more benefits, such as increased security and HP performance speed. Or if you have doubts, you can first look at the reviews of people who have updated through forums and Facebook groups.

Good luck and good luck.