30+ Beautiful Photos of Hijab Models (FROM AROUND THE WORLD

30+ Beautiful Photos of Hijab Models (FROM AROUND THE WORLD
30+ Beautiful Photos of Hijab Models (FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Hijabers now seem to have to be more active in the world of fashion and trends in the future.

Considering the fashion style and appearance, it is predicted that Muslim women will also work as designers and social media influencers.

Not only that, the existence of various digital magazine platforms has also contributed to the development of fashion, which is predicted to reduce the discrimination rate of women wearing hijab in the beauty industry.

One of them is the rise of several famous hijab model names that have impressed a host of brands, such as Nike and Burberry.

Do not you believe it? The names of hijabers who work as models are proof that Muslim women can drive fashion trends too!

List of Hijaber names who work as models

1. Halima Aden

Hijab Elzatta Style
Photo credit: ha.loveandpr.com

Halima Aden is a woman of Somali and American descent who embodied as a fashion model and was hired exclusively by the IMG Model agency after her participation in Miss Minnesota United States.

Known as the first hijaber to wear a burkini and her face was covered by sports magazines.

Halima Hijab Model
Photo Credit: imgmodels.com

Not only as a model for Sports Illustrated magazine, this woman who is firm in her philosophy of life is also a partner of Nike and participated in the campaign together with Bella Hadid.

After launching a photo shoot with Aden, the brand also achieved fantastic sales and became a new inspiration.

Hijab Model Fairuz
Photo credit: bloglovin.com

Although ridiculed when his name began to skyrocket in the United States and internationally, Aden never wavered.

She appears to be a hijab model who is able to move other Muslim women to show their teeth and eliminate discrimination based on religion and race as well as skin color.

2. Ikram Abdi Omar

Elisa Hijab Style
Photo credit: fashionmodeldirectory.com

The next model is Ikram Abdi Omar who also immersed himself in the world of modeling and gained worldwide recognition.

If Nike lined up Aden, then Omar would be the first hijaber to appear and campaign for Burberry.

Hijab Model Elnifa
Photo Credit: fashionsizzle.com

Omar was also featured in Saudi Arabian Vogue and wears a turban, the Persian style of hijab.

Slowly but surely, Ikram Abdi Omar’s dream of becoming a hijab model came true.

Instant Hijab Contemporary Model
Photo Credit: models.com

She even didn’t hesitate to wear a simple rectangular hijab as the theme of the photo shoot.

Her casual and elegant style invites several fashion houses to present her as a contemporary hijab model.

3. Natasha Rizky

Hijab Style Wedding Dress
photo credit: as tagged

Who does not know Natasha Rizky? This talented young woman reaped many achievements in the world of entertainment and fashion.

Before her career as an artist, Natsha was a magazine cover model and is currently busy as a designer, animator and poet.

Brocade Hijab Robe
photo credit: as tagged

Although she has become a mother, Natasha continues to work hard and inspires many young people, especially Muslim women, to remain independent, not to settle easily and to continue to stimulate creativity.

You can find Natasha’s walk on her personal Instagram account.

For those of you who want to look like doi, you can see a lot easy triangle hijab tutorial and confortable

Pashmina Hijab Model
photo credit: instagram/natasharizkynew

Do you see how happy this young mom is?

She never forgets her duty as a wife and mother of her three children.

4. Goddess Sandra

Hijab Model Hoodie
Photo credit: carolinasepterita.blogspot.com

Speaking of the hijab model, it is not done without including the name of Dewi Sandra.

This singer, actress and traveler also shows her talent in the world of modeling.

She is seen wearing dresses more often in her latest photos.

Gucci Hijab Model
Photo Credit: TVNG

Many have produced brilliant achievements, Dewi Sandra’s name has even appeared on Nigerian television as an Indonesian artist and model to be reckoned with.

After constantly emigrating a few years ago, Dewi has also become a role model for many Muslim women.

5. Mariah Idrissi

Hijab Model Eiger
Photo credit: pinterest.com

Mariah Idrissi started modeling in 2015.

Before her big name now she is a hijab model without management and not agency.

Kebaya Hijab Graduation
Photo credit: thesun.co.uk

the men-solve all the jobs that came to him just by replying to the emails containing job offers one by one.

Unexpectedly, Mariah’s fight continued sweetly until she was finally joined by the beauty house Fenty Beauty worked by Rihanna.

Today'S Instant Hijab Model
Photo credit: thesun.co.uk

Not only that, the woman who is about to turn 30 has also become a model for H&M and declared herself a Pakistani-Moroccan mulatto hijab model.

Maybe you can imitate his fight, yes ladies!

6. Ugbad Abdi

Daffi Style Hijab
Photo credit: i-di.vice.com

At a relatively young age of 18, model Ugbad Abdi has become the latest figure of inspiration for the fashion world.

This Somali woman scored a milestone after appearing with forty-two other global models at the 2019 Valentino Haute Couture Fashion Show earlier in the year.

Hijab Styles And Prices
Photo credit: afroklectic.tumblr.com

The appearance of Ugbad is interesting. brand-brand world famous, including Fendi.

In this photo, Ugbad is holding her chin while wearing a black dress and a fur scarf.

Very cool, huh?

7. Shahira Yusuf

Hijab Model Kimar
Photo credit: magzter.com

This photo was taken when Shahira Yusuf was featured in the world’s largest digital magazine.

“It is important to know more about the history of a Muslim woman, as well as why she became a model,” Shahira said.

Hijab Hijab Model
Photo credit: stormmanagement.com

The England-born woman has also been featured in beauty magazine Vogue.

She looks beautiful and with SUQQU makeup.

With all of Shahira’s achievements, she was also named the first Muslim woman to break into Europe’s top agency.

8. Inneke Koesherawati

Hijab Model Graduation
Photo credit: dream.co.id

The name Inneke Koesherawati is not new to the world of entertainment and modeling.

She began her career as a Cover Girl model in the ’90s.

Over the years, she has been wearing the hijab.

As in this photo shoot, Inne (her nickname) wore a two-tone gown made of syari and bergo.

Hijab Model Now
Photo Credit: Okezone

Not always looking feminine, Inne also dares to bring out her chic and youthful side by wearing a wicker hat and a casual shirt.

Keren already?

9. Indira Hapsari

Latest Hijab Elzatta Model 2018
Photo credit: theshonet.com

Maybe Indira Hapsari’s name is still a bit strange for some people, even though she won the third place in Abang None 2017.

Indira usually boasts of simple and comfortable clothes.

As in the picture, she is wearing a totally white top with a plain pashmina.

Model Hijab Fashion Show
Photo credit: wolipop.detik.com

Indira’s career has also accelerated as a hijab model and she is now climbing the ladder as a well-known Indonesian model.

Don’t you want to follow in his footsteps?

10. Noor Tagouri

Indonesian Hijab Style
photo credit: pinterest

Outside of her profession as a journalist, activist and model, Tagouri prefers to wear simple and elegant outfits.

Like a black pashmina and a long shirt with straight pants.

Hijab Model Pose Hunting
photo credit: pinterest

Although his name was debated due to the photo shoot he did with Playboy magazine, Tagouri did not want to bother.

She confidently poses as the first hijabers to appear in the magazine.

11. Kadija Diawara

Latest Hijab Flow Model
Photo credit: beenfleek.co.uk

This time in her photo shoot, Kadija Diawara wowed connoisseurs of beauty and fashion trends by dressing up in bold fantasy makeup.

He wears a turban and fur trim around his face.

Modern Hijab Kebaya Model
Photo credit: mysalaam.com

Growing up in Egypt and flying to the United States, her family was able to raise Kadija as a top model.

Now she also diligently attends fashion shows and establishes herself as a model.

12. Ruba Zai

Instant Hijab Style
photo credit: pinterest

Thanks to its trendy look and easy application by women, Ruba Zai, who wore a white blouse and flared pants, was finally lined up as a hijab model.

With Dutch and Afghan blood, Ruba is very attractive to various brands that also focus on the fashion sector. beauty.

Hijab Invitation Template
Photo credit: popsugar.com

Ruba also dared to introduce glamorous fashion and a mature image according to her personality.

Do you agree, Ruba is really suitable to wear clothes like this?


Formal Hijab Model
credit: wolipop.detik

Zee Zee is known as a model who doesn’t wear much makeup on her face.

She often looks natural and wears understated makeup and clothes that make her feel comfortable.

Gita Savitri Hijab Model
credit: as labeled

In one of the photo shoots, along with two other friends, Zee Zee, who was pregnant, also wore a simple dress decorated with sequins and beading patterns.

More motherly huh?

Let’s hope that with your presence, you feel inspired, ladies!

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