4 Cara Menghilangkan Your Windows license will expire soon

4 Cara Menghilangkan Your Windows license will expire soon
4 Cara Menghilangkan Your Windows license will expire soon

Warnings in the form of Windows license expiration sound appear often and are very annoying. In the meantime, you will soon experience how to remove your Windows license. This can be done in several steps. You must remove it from the device in use.

The warning in Indonesian means that the Windows license on your PC or laptop has expired or is about to expire.

Why do I often get the warning Your Windows license will expire?


Although this warning usually appears on devices, not many people know about it. But the fact is that the message is due to several reasons, such as using the Windows activator, which has an active period of only a few months.

It could also be because the Windows used is expired or expired or you are using Windows in trial or trial mode. The issue is that the message appears because Windows has not been activated. That way it should activate immediately.

What happens when Windows expired Windows?


Of course you’re curious? Why Windows may be expired and need to be activated. Please note that Windows that have expired may experience the following:

  • You can’t change the existing display of the lock screen.
  • There is a Windows logo or watermark at the bottom.
  • There is an inscription that looks like this copy of Windows is not genuine at the bottom.
  • Windows wallpaper turns black and cannot be changed before activation.
  • The Windows activation window appears every time you start.

In fact, some of the above impacts do not have a full effect on the performance of the computer. However, the drawback if Windows is expired is that it actually interferes with activities when using a laptop or computer with expired Windows.

Tips Mengatasi Your Windows license will expire soon

If you already know some of the reasons why these warning messages may appear on your computer or laptop, now is the time for you to find a way to remove your Windows license that you will experience soon so that the warning can be resolved.

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Also, the activity of using hardware is also not annoying because it is disturbed. The following steps can be used as a solution:

1. Through the taskbar

Using the taskbar you can solve this very easily. The taskbar is a feature provided by Windows because it is a default feature of Windows. Therefore, users do not need to install any additional applications to get rid of the warning.

You can follow the next step:

  • Open the taskbar or press ctrl + shift + esc keys in the processes tab menu.
  • Search for Windows Explorer.
  • If you find it, right click and then select reboot.
  • If so, click the file, then select Run new tasks and type explorer.exe.


  • Then select OK.
  • Then open a command prompt and run it as administrator.
  • You can type slmgr in CMD.
  • After that, press the enter key.
  • If a message appears in the form of a command prompt completed successfully and in the form of a reboot command, you can click OK.

If A Message Appears In The Form Of Command Prompt Completed Successfully And In The Form Of Reboot, Then You Can Click Ok.

  • If the laptop or PC has been restarted, the warning status will change to Windows not activated. For that you have to activate it using the help of the activator.
  • But when you switch to Windows activates in the reminder state, then you don’t need to activate again.
  • If you get a warning that your Windows license will no longer appear, it is certain that the steps you have followed have been successful in removing your Windows license.

2. CMD

The second way to get rid of the warning is to use it via CMD or Command Prompt. The way this method works is that it removes the license that comes from the expired Windows product key.

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The way to fix this is:

  • Run the command prompt with administrator access.
  • Then in CMD you can type slmgr /ubk.
  • After that, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Subsequently a message will appear in the form of uninstall occurs successfully.


  • You can click options in the message section.
  • The last step is necessary to restart the PC or laptop.
  • If the PC or laptop becomes active again, the Windows license will be removed. That way the warning message will no longer appear. This is because the Windows license key that was removed from the device means that you need to reactivate Windows using the activator.

3. Using the activator help

The activator is a software that can provide an extension of the expired Windows active period for free. There are several activators that can permanently activate Windows. In this way, the annoying warning will no longer appear.

Here are the steps:

  • If you use Smadav, you can right click on the Smadav icon. It’s in the lower-right corner of the desktop.
  • After that select all windows scripts and also office macros or until reboot disable antivirus for some time to make it more secure.
  • After that, first install WinRAR for those who use a laptop. While the computer does not have WinRAR yet.
  • Next, extract the downloaded archive with WinRAR.
  • To do this, right-click and select extract.
  • Enter the folder winrar10/aa 3.9.5 portable.
  • After that, double click on Windows 10 32-bit.
  • If you are in doubt as to whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, check first or double-click x64.
  • If you have received a warning in the form of Windows protected your PC, you can select more information and then select Run anyway.
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  • When the window opens, select Windows Activation.
  • Wait until the active process is successful and the product activated successfully message appears to ensure that the Windows license will experience the notification and will no longer appear.
  • Restart the laptop or computer, then enter the activation settings menu by going through the boot menu. If it says that Windows was activated using it, it means that the activation was successful, so the warning message is no longer there.

4. Use of the rearmament license

  • For method 4, you need to open the taskbar by pressing ctrl + alt + Del.
  • After that, a taskbar window will appear with a process menu.
  • You can search Windows Explorer.
  • Then right click and select reboot.
  • Rerun Windows Explorer.
  • You can also through the tax bar. To do this, click on the file menu and then select the tab.
  • You can type explorer.exe, then hit the OK button.
  • After that, open a command prompt as administrator.
  • To do this, right-click on the Command Prompt icon.
  • You can then type slmgr-.
  • After that, press the enter key.


  • Wait until the successfully completed message appears.
  • Afterwards there will be a notification that the changes take effect if you have rebooted.
  • Press OK.
  • Reboot the laptop or PC.
  • If the process is successful, information will appear that you can activate Windows 10 using KMS auto Lite or KMS auto Pico.
  • Once this is done, the activator does not need to perform any more activations.

If some steps on how to remove the Windows license have been carried out soon, it is certain that the warning will no longer appear. Therefore, it is more flexible when you use a computer or laptop.

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