4 Create an online quiz without a good app

4 Create an online quiz without a good app
4 Create an online quiz without a good app

The monotonous learning process can make students bored, so to overcome this, it is necessary to take advantage of various places to make serial and interesting online quizzes. With the rapid development of technology, there are many platforms or online web quiz creators that can be used.

This online learning place and quiz maker is not just for students, online quizzes for businesses, parents and others are cheap and simple. Consider taking advantage of learning platforms or creating online quizzes that don’t bore you too much. Below is a list of platforms or places to create interesting online quizzes for both bosses and students to try.

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Web to make the best quiz online without app

With the presence of a platform, doing online quizzes like this can help the community, students, employees, and parents learn. Well, the list of online quiz platforms that you can try is:



Quizlet is an example of a place to create online quizzes that can be used for the learning process. For example, for teachers to students, so it’s pretty simple and fun to try. Quizlet is also a smartphone-based online learning platform, so it is suitable for taking non-CBT online school quizzes.

This platform is perfect for conducting fun and different online questionnaires for companies.

Website: https://quizlet.com/id



  • Create multiple slides for multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, poll, open-ended, and mix presentation slides with quizzes
  • Multiple text formats
  • You can add images with integrated Google search

Quizizz is one of the places to take online quizzes besides Google Classroom which is quite interesting and fun for the participants. You can also use it for MSMEs, SMEs and organizations because it is very simple. The features provided can help teachers design exciting learning for elementary, middle, and high school.

Website: https://quizizz.com/


Online Quiz Maker 2022


  • It has a creative game mode for children.
  • The game can be played alone or in teams.

Blocket is a platform for creating school quizzes, as well as for group quizzes and individual studies. Blocket is a platform that provides tools to create interesting online quizzes. You can get quite a fun experience with interesting content for campus to school.

The advantage of Blocket is that you can get it for free and also in a simple way. Taking the opportunity to do school quizzes by reading and studying textbooks is also the right choice. The quiz games provided can also be used for businesses so that they can strengthen relationships with co-workers or with bosses.

Website: https://www.blooket.com/



Kahoot is a web-based application that can be used to easily create online school quizzes other than Google Forms. This app also provides questions and answers and can be used by both the general public and businesses.

The available answers can usually be represented with images or colors, so it includes an online quiz app that is fun to try. Features like this are very suitable for businesses to use, so they are quite interesting and fun to try. Participants taking quizzes or surveys, such as for teens, can then choose an image or color to represent the answer.

Web-based applications like this are really diverse and the most important thing is that you can get them cheaply and easily. This website is also suitable for college because it is easy.

Website: https://kahoot.com/

So that’s a number of free platforms that can be used for learning, quizzes, and also games that are interesting to try.