4+ How to fix the flashlight that does not turn on in HP Infinix (+Images)

4+ How to fix the flashlight that does not turn on in HP Infinix (+Images)
4+ How to fix the flashlight that does not turn on in HP Infinix (+Images)

How To Fix Flashlight Not Turning On On HP Infinix – This time, Kang Taqwim will talk about the problems that exist in Indonesia. smartphone infinite

Because many users we have come across have complained about problems with flashlights that suddenly turn off on their own and end up not turning on at all.

This problem often occurs on the infinix hot 9 and can undeniably be experienced by other brands or types of infinix as well.

To overcome this, there are several ways users can do it.

Where is the Infinix flashlight settings located?

As a consumer who correctly understands there will be several adjustment of many brands smartphoneAfter some searching, it turns out that on the Infinix cell phone there is no flashlight menu in the settings.

Every option or menu on the Infinix cell phone, of course, must be found through the settings.

But in fact after looking at the menu search No results found, so don’t be disappointed!

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Because an alternative of how to configure the flashlight of this HP Infinix will be presented below.

How To Fix Flashlight Not Turning On On HP Infinix

Fixing problems with the flashlight can be done for free or for a fee.

It all depends on the severity of the problem. Here are some options that can be done.

1. Restart o Turn off HP

Restart is the initial option that infinix users can do to solve problems like this.

Because usually after smartphone turn off and on again, all system performance will be new Without charge.

Therefore, there is a great chance that the infinix cell phone flashlight can recover and live. The method is as follows:

  • First, press and hold Power button
  • After that it will appear To turn off either Restart
  • then please select Restart
  • The smartphone will turn off and then turn back on
  • Done


After smartphone turn on, try to turn on the flashlight, can it or not?

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2. Use the Flashlight app

The next option is that users can download the flashlight app on the Google Play store.

Where this app is to test whether the flashlight is on or not. That is how:

  • First, open Play store
  • Then find the app Center
  • Select Install and open the app
  • Then press the button Energy
  • Done

Flashlight App

How? Does the flashlight work or is it still dead? If still, go to option 3.

3. Activate In the middle

In the middle here to check the various components in a smartphone whether it works well or not.

To do this test, follow these steps:

  • First, open Telephone then press *#90#
  • then it will appear version number and select Connect
  • Then select hand test
  • Next select Torch
  • After Lantern it will light up if normal
  • Done

Activate Average Test

In the remembered You can also test other components like LCD, touch screencamera,otg, fingerprint dll

4. Reset app preferences

Reset here is intended to return the app settings to their initial conditions.

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But instead of resetting the mobile deleting all the data stored on it.

Therefore, the image files or photos in the mobile phone remain safe. So, to do this, follow these steps:

  • First please go to Arrangement on hp infinix
  • Select System and select reboot options
  • Then select Reset app preference
  • A warning appears and press Reset apps
  • Wait for a moment until a successful notification appears
  • Done

Reset App Preferences

If this does not work, the user can do a hard reset on the infinix cell phone so that everything returns to normal.

the last word

As a suffix and as a definitive solution if the four options described above still do not solve the flashlight problem.

That is, guarantee the smartphone, check Infinix warranty first if it still works or not.

Perhaps that is what can be conveyed regarding how to fix the flashlight does not turn on on the Infinix cell phone, hopefully it will be useful to everyone. Thank you