4 new apps you should know about

4 new apps you should know about
4 new apps you should know about

Focus.redaksikerja.com – Instead of browsing through a slew of new app releases looking for some diamonds in Thick, let us be your guide.

This is a collection of the best new apps for iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.

reverb LP

In short, the LP Reverb is a discovery and market platform built specifically around vintage physical music media, specifically vinyl. You can browse, buy, and sell thousands of new, used, and vintage records, cassettes, and CDs right on your phone from the comfort of your desk, couch, or even in the bathroom.

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You probably won’t find one of the Top 10 Most Valuable Vinyl Records of All Time on the app without a hefty price tag, but you can use it to help enhance your substantial vinyl collection or sell your own records.

If you’re serious about your music collection, you should use Reverb. iOS/Android

opera touch

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer (or whatever Microsoft calls it these days) are more popular browsers than Opera, the browser that time forgot.

But Opera is back with Opera Touch and a new browsing experience on the phone. Instant search includes QR and barcode scanning. Ability to send items to your computer with Flow.

Tab management is quick and easy. Those are all great things, but they don’t compare to quick action buttons and an interface that lets you operate the entire app with one hand. Mobile browsing just got a whole lot better. iOS/Android

Transfer and share files

Email. Text message. WhatsApp. mailbox. We transfer. FacebookMessenger. There are more apps for sharing photos, videos, and other files than we can remember the name or have room for in this entire section.

Up File Transfer & Sharing isn’t the greatest thing to happen to file transfer in history, but it packs a ton of useful features into one easy-to-use app. Real-time, full-resolution transfers across multiple platforms.

AirDrop sharing. Secure data transfer via HTTPS. And most importantly, the expiration time that permanently deletes the file upon completion. iOS

pocket gyps

Pocket Casts has been one of the most popular podcast apps over the course of popular podcasts. If you listen to podcasts, you probably already know and like them. If not, now is the perfect time to give it a try, as the latest redesign is a huge update to the entire experience.

The latest update to “the world’s most powerful podcast platform” includes a new streamlined material design interface, the ability to play without subscription, episode search, upcoming sync, listening history, new topics, episode archive and discovery. improved.

Bottom line, if you’ve ever listened to podcasts, you need this app. iOS/Android

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