5 advantages of the Oppo A76 that you should know before buying

5 advantages of the Oppo A76 that you should know before buying
5 advantages of the Oppo A76 that you should know before buying

recode.ID -It has become something natural and has become a ritual for consumers, when they go to buy a new cell phone, they will first look for information about the advantages of the cell phone they want to buy, including the series Oppo A76 East.

Because by knowing what the advantages of the target device are, you will be more sure if your choice of cell phone is the right one and according to what you want.

Especially for HP type oppo This A76, many consumers are looking for and want to buy this cell phone because the specifications of this device are quite capable, especially since it is equipped with a large enough RAM capacity.

So when used for multitasking or gaming play you will not experience any significant problems.

If you are one of the potential consumers who are looking and want to buy this cell phone, the following editor will give you the five advantages of this Oppo A76 cell phone as a consideration for you.

5 advantages of the Oppo A76 that you should know

Oppo A76, Specifications And Prices In Indonesia

Above, just as information for you, the Oppo A76 cell phone itself is a smartphone aimed at lower middle class users that is currently priced at IDR 3 million.

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There are at least five parts of this cell phone that can be taken into consideration before deciding to buy this device.

What are the five advantages of the Oppo A76? here is the complete information for you.

1. Contemporary Design

The first advantage of this device lies in its design which is quite luxurious and elegant, it looks like a high class device.

By appearance, the surface of this cell phone has a design called OPPO Glow, which will give a shiny effect to the body of the smartphone.

2. Equipped with fast chipset

One of the main reasons and also the advantages of this device is in the processor sector used in this device which is fast enough for a lower middle class cell phone.

Note that Oppo has buried the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G chipset for this Oppo A76 device.

It is a powerful chipset with an octa-core configuration that includes four high-performance Kryo 265 Gold cores based on Cortex A73 (2.4 GHz) and four low-power Kryo 265 Silver cores based on Cortex A53 ( 1.8GHz).

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3. Equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate

For those who don’t understand The refresh rate is the ability of the smartphone screen to perform multiple screen refreshes or image scans per second in Hertz (Hz).

With support for a 90Hz refresh rate on this Oppo A76 device, it will make the display on the screen move more smoothly, so that when using it to play games or enjoy multimedia content, it will feel more leveraged and not broken. .

4. Big RAM

This is also one of the reasons why this mobile phone is in high demand among Indonesian consumers. The reason is that this cell phone already has a 6GB RAM capacity of the LPDDR4x type, which will make the multitasking process and play games on this device faster and without delays.

Not only that, this phone is also equipped with technology extended RAM o Expansion of RAM capacity by adding 5 GB of virtual RAM.

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So if the grand total of available RAM in Oppo A76 cell phone is 11 GB (6 GB default RAM + 5 GB virtual RAM).

5. Rhino Battery

Many smartphone users complain that the battery of the device they are using runs out quickly because the capacity is quite small.

Oppo was aware of this, presenting this Oppo A76 device with a 5000mAh capacity Rhino battery.

Also, what is quite interesting is that this OPPO A76 device is the first type of OPPO A series cell phone to support SuperVOOC function for 33W fast charging.

With the fast charging function, this cell phone can be fully charged up to 100 percent in less than 1 hour.

So information about the five advantages of the Oppo A76 device that you can consider before buying this device.

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