5 Local Brokers Offering Robot Trading Platforms

5 Local Brokers Offering Robot Trading Platforms
5 Local Brokers Offering Robot Trading Platforms

Kreditonline.redaksikerja.com 5 Local Brokers Offering Robot Trading Platforms -Trading robots are actually software systems created to analyze currency pairs in the forex market to find buying or selling opportunities automatically.

Trading robots are usually used when traders are too busy with other things so they don’t have time to analyze the market and establish trading positions.

Not surprisingly, the majority of Trading Robot users are full-time workers who trade as a side job.

Expert Advisors (EAs), also known as trading robots, offer an automated way to trade Forex in real markets.

With trading robots, you no longer need to sit for hours in front of the computer all day, reading Candles, Numbers, setups, indicators, news and others because the robots will take your place. Interesting right?

The Trading Robot platform has undergone many modifications since its inception, going from being a simple analytical robot to being capable of performing sophisticated forex trading filled with complex algorithms.

Unfortunately, the trading robot industry is riddled with scams everywhere. Therefore, you should be careful if you are offered a free or cheap trading robot with the lure of abundant guaranteed profits.

Where to get a trading robot platform?

In fact, many of us don’t have time to operate 24 hours a day because we are preoccupied with other interests. Either way, we have to fix this using trading robots.

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There are two ways to get a reliable trading bot, namely by making your own or buying one. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Create your own trading robot

Using this option has several advantages, as you can configure the trading robot according to your strategy, trading conditions, as well as your risk and capital management profile.

Having a custom trading bot allows you to edit the code as you wish.

On the other hand, the challenge is finding programmers who can translate their performance metrics into trading bot algorithms without messing up the coding process.

Buy a trading robot

Out there we can find thousands of types of trading robots that are sold online, some are even offered for free. Of the many, perhaps only a few are really useful.

This often happens when shopping online due to advertisements. To avoid mistakes, you can take advantage of free trial offers provided by trading robot sellers.

Alternatively, you can also use the trading robots provided by the broker. Most of them offer Trading Robots for free once you sign up as a customer.

5 local brokers with trading robot platform

If you are interested in trying out trading robots and looking for a local broker that allows the use of trading robots, the 5 recommendations below could be your consideration:

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In 2017, broker MIFX introduced Algo Trading, a Trading Robot platform to help clients determine the direction of their investments on futures exchanges.

This trading robot can take advantage of trading opportunities of various market conditions quickly, consistently and accurately for potential profit automatically. Therefore, traders who have registered with MIFX can fully enjoy the benefits of automated trading.


As one of the largest local brokers, Finex is a leader in Indonesia when it comes to offering advanced trading assets and trading facilities.

Despite successfully bringing home this prestigious award, Finex continues to provide quality services to its clients.

Of the advantages, Finex also allows trading using robots to automate trading based on certain logic and parameters in MQL4. You can try it immediately after signing up for a Finex account.


FOREXMF may be your consideration if you are looking for a local broker that allows the use of trading robots.

Forexmf’s flagship trading platform QuickPro seems to offer several options for trading robots that have been reviewed and tested again. Not just one, but several robots are offered free of charge exclusively for customers.


GKInvest offers an EA generator that makes trading easy with a user-friendly interface. That said, GKInvest EA Generator is one of the most advanced support tools for creating EAs in MetaTrader 4.

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With just a few clicks, you can create complex forex trading strategies and turn them into EAs with no coding, programming or MQL skills required.

Whether you are a beginner, a professional or an MQL programmer, you can use EA Builder to develop powerful Expert Advisors.

EA Builder is available to all real account clients who have made a minimum deposit of $2000. After registering an account with GKInvest, clients simply download it on the mygkinvest page. There you will find a guide that explains the whole process.


The local broker that allows the use of the latest trading robots is Didimax. Didimax has a trading robot on autopilot that can work 24 hours a day in real time to make a huge amount of profit.

Interestingly, BAPPEBTI regulated brokers not only allow but also provide education on how to use robots.

For Didimax members, all materials on managing forex trading with this robot will be distributed free of charge.

In this way, traders who have registered an account with Didimax can independently perform functions via smartphones or other devices.

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