5 Simple and Easy WHATSAPP Applications

5 Simple and Easy WHATSAPP Applications
5 Simple and Easy WHATSAPP Applications

Document.canovel.org Having a boyfriend who likes to lie is certainly a problem for many people, where suspicion will always arise every day. But don’t worry because now there is a partner WhatsApp app that can be used to monitor your boyfriend.

In this review, admin will talk about an app that can remotely touch other people’s WhatsApp. Of course, the WhatsApp SADAP application that the administrator mentioned is not for negative or dangerous things.

However, you can use this app for several things that are quite important, like monitoring children’s lines of communication, as proof of a crime, preventing spouses from having an affair, etc.

List of the best WhatsApp applications

There are several WhatsApp applications that you can use. Each app offers available features, you can more easily track the position of the people closest to you.

In fact this is not allowed, but for some special things it may not be a problem. Please use the app wisely so as not to harm others. Below are some applications that can be used for SADAP WhatsApp.

1. Clonapp Messenger

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Messenger Clonapp

This WhatsApp SADAP application is already quite popular and widely used. By using this app you can clone your WhatsApp account to another phone.

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This app provides various features that can help meet your various needs. Here are some of the features available, including:

  • Story saver, this feature allows you to save stories on your device
  • Live chat, this feature allows users to send chats even if they don’t save the person’s number
  • Whats Web, this feature can be used to clone a WhatsApp account. As a result, you can use two different phones with the same WhatsApp account.

2. Mobile Spy

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mobile spy

The current WhatsApp tapping app is quite diverse. For that you have to choose it well. This must be done in order to find the right application and to be able to satisfy various needs.

This app is well designed and packed with the best features that you can use to monitor children and other targets.

Mobile Spy is facilitated with tools that can be used to monitor text messages, Facebook, GPS location, etc.

You can remotely control the target phone. This app is very easy to use and provides convenience for users to monitor goals.

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Mobile Spy is supported and can be installed on any Android device. But unfortunately, when you want to use this app, you need to root the phone first.

3. spy

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This app is specifically designed to be used as a monitoring tool as well as a tracker of other people’s activities. Spyzie can be easily installed on Android and iPhone devices without rooting.

The features offered by this app make it easy for users to read the chats of other targeted people. Visible conversations range from private to group chats.

In addition, you can also see what files the user has received and sent. Files that can be read include photos, videos, and sound files. This app provides a more flexible and easy monitoring tool.

Spyzie offers additional attractive features for users who pay a subscription fee. The features presented are certainly different and more premium than the free version.

4. mSpy

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mSpy is a WhatsApp hacking app that you can rely on to monitor other people’s call logs, text messages, locations, and emails.

Parents can use the features available in this app to monitor children’s communication patterns, see which groups they follow, view message details like contacts, date and time.

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In addition, this app also offers a feature that allows you to see what files other people send and receive. This application is compatible with various operating systems such as Android and iPhone.


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This is one of the most popular apps used to hack WhatsApp. This app can be easily used by various iPhone and Android devices. The features available in this app are also very diverse and feature rich.

This app can be used without rooting the device first. You can read all incoming and outgoing chats easily.

In addition, this app also provides other features such as location tracking, call logs, etc. Overall, this app has a simple interface to make it easy to use.

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