6 facts about the mysterious death of Thai artist Tangmo Nida

6 facts about the mysterious death of Thai artist Tangmo Nida
6 facts about the mysterious death of Thai artist Tangmo Nida

Detik.thefilosofi.com Here are 6 facts about the mysterious death of a beautiful artist from Thailand, Tangmo Nida. Tangmo Nida’s death photo has gone viral on social media, showing an uncensored photo of a corpse covered in wounds. It is known that the death of Tangmo Nida apparently fell from a speedboat and drowned in the Sungai River, Thailand.

On February 26, 2022, Tangmo Nida’s body was found on the Rama VII Bridge, Nonthaburi Province.

Surprisingly, photos of the discovery of Tangmo Nida’s body were widely circulated on social media without censorship. In fact, netizens who saw Tangmo Nida’s uncensored body photo circulating on Twitter claimed to be traumatized upon seeing it.

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Apparently, the uncensored photos gave rise to many accusations about Tangmo Nida’s death. From the uncensored photos, netizens suspect that Tangmo did not drown but died. Not only netizens suspect that Tangmo was killed.

Tangmo Nida’s mother was also suspicious of the boy’s death. Because when the Tangmo Nida incident was broadcast without a cork jacket, it was certain that Tangmo Nida died.

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Here are 6 facts about the death of Thai artist Tangmo Nida

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6 facts about the mysterious death of Thai artist Tangmo Nida 2

1. Ride a speedboat with friends

Tangmo Nisa and her five friends, including her manager, boarded a speedboat on Thursday, February 24, 2022 to travel from the Krung Thon Bridge in Bangkok to the Rama VII Bridge.
However, he was declared missing for 2 days until he was finally found dead in the Chao Pharya River on February 26, 2022.

2. Falling out of a speedboat from sitting in the back

According to his friend, Tangmo Nida sat in the back to urinate because the ship’s toilet was broken.

Unfortunately, he slipped and fell. On a dark night, the manager himself said that he saw him fall, so he called rescuers after reaching his destination. He also said that Tangmo Nida was not wearing a life jacket because he wanted to be photographed in his boat bag.

3. His body was found by his brother

This fateful incident caused all parties to move quickly to find Tangmo Nida’s whereabouts. Even the family also mobilized a rescue team so that the Thai artist could be located immediately.

After trying to search for 38 hours, Tangmo Nida was finally found by his sister about a kilometer from where he fell near the Rama VII bridge.

4. His body was found with many wounds on his body.

From the photo of Tangmo Nida’s body that spread on social media, a torn wound was found on her left leg.

5. Suspicion of Ms. Tangmo Nida

Tangmo Nida’s mother felt very uncomfortable and felt that there was nothing wrong if Tangmo Nida fell off the boat because she slipped.

He was suspicious of his daughter’s five best friends if he didn’t know that Tangmo Nida had fallen and disappeared for 2 days.

He is also suspicious of his son and his friends, who are seen to be fighting. He felt this when he saw a photo of Tangmo Nida who looked unhappy and unsmiling while he was sitting alone in the back of the boat.

6. Ongoing investigation

Tangmo Nida’s death is still under investigation to find out what caused the 000. From the results of the investigation, they found indications that the motor power of the speedboat did not have a current permit.
Furthermore, the speedboat that Tangmo Nida was traveling on was an illegal speedboat.***

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