6 free and complete online novel reading apps

6 free and complete online novel reading apps
6 free and complete online novel reading apps

New Reading App – therantnation.com. In the past, reading a novel in a bookstore or borrowing it from a store that provided book lending services was heaven for lovers. novel. Now that everyone has switched to online platforms, many novel reading apps have emerged and offer various genres of interesting books to read.

Using the application to read the most favorite novels is very easy, moreover you can read novels anywhere and anytime without paying a lot of money and even provide free or free. Curious what the name of the app is?

The Most Complete Novel Reading App

The 6 most complete novel reading applications

You can choose the following six apps as your favorite app when you miss reading novels by idol writers. Just prepare enough internet quota to download and maximize all the features of the app.

1. NovelToon


This application is aimed from teenagers to adults who like reading very much. When you enter the application for the first time, you will be asked for the age as well as the classification of types and genres that are most suitable for reading.

This application has several advantages, the first is to be able to create your own library whose contents are novels ready to be read offline in your spare time. So you don’t need to bother downloading every minute because it will just take a lot of time.

Besides, NovelToon also has many types to choose from, depending on your mood and curiosity about the story.

So, no less interesting is that there is a discussion forum provided for you to communicate with other novel writers and readers. Interesting right?



In addition to being able to read various types of popular to latest novels, from romance to horror genres, you can also write your own stories. The app has been downloaded tens of millions of times, this is indeed considered very appropriate for those who like to read and write.

You can even access it offline, so it is not dependent on the Internet network. Indeed, the comfort of reading will be slightly disturbed by the appearance of advertisements on the page.

Naturally, because as a popular app, it certainly makes many parties want to promote on this app page. Do you have an article you want to publish? This app also provides a space for writers to develop their talents and upload their own stories.

So that it can be read by many people, although there are certain procedures and conditions that must be met in order to see your writing published on the Wattpad application page.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

It turns out that Google also has a platform that provides free reading, you can choose to read any genre of novels because there are so many options available. In addition, you can also feel the feeling of reading a book with cool audio so that reading is not boring.

Unfortunately, there are a number of novels that cannot be read for free. You need to purchase it by taking advantage of the purchase feature, so be prepared to pay some money if you are interested in reading a paid novel.

4. We read


Already downloaded millions of times, this new reading app developed by Weread Inc. has different functions, one of which is the daily tasks that you have to complete. If it is completed, you can get a gift that can be used to read more interesting novels.

Weread also has several types that are viral so most people read all the time. However, like other apps, Leemos does not allow all novels to be read for free. There are some that must be purchased if you want to read at any time, even when you are offline and without an Internet network.

5. Novel reader

Novel Reader

Unlike other apps that use Indonesian, NovelReader offers it in English. Therefore, it can be a place to learn English for you, although in terms of readers it is still minimal compared to other applications.

What about the available genres? Comprehensive enough that every day you get the latest novel updates and worth reading. So there is no need to bother and get confused looking at the available reading lists.

6. Location

In The Instant

Do you want to interact directly with novel writers and other readers after reading a novel online? You can join Joylada, in addition to offering several dance novels, it also has a special room to chat and share writing and reading experiences.

Who is eligible to use novelty reading apps?

Anyone can read novels, it is only the genre that is read that makes the difference. For children, you can choose the children’s genre or comedy and education. Like teenagers who also like to read novels a lot, the genres allowed are also very varied.

For adults who want to read novels there are no limits either, you just have to decide what the title is, who the author is and how the story goes.

More Less if you use novel reading apps

Reading novels online through an app also has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to keep that in mind before using this method.

Nilai more

Some of the plus points of the new reading app are that it is easy to use because you just have to download the app and then just read. Then there are several apps that provide quizzes or quests to give readers a chance to win certain prizes.


One of the disadvantages is that you have to be connected to the Internet if you really want to download many novels that you want to read.

Tips for choosing a novel reading app that suits you

Of the many applications provided for readers of novels. You need to be observant in choosing the right app to use. The tips are:

  1. Make sure all the novels you want are available in the app for free reading.
  2. The app is light in size so that its existence on the device does not interfere with the performance of other apps.
  3. Make sure you can read offline, so you don’t have to run out of quota just to read novels. In fact, not all apps provide this convenience, so choose wisely.

It’s time for you to choose which new reading app is ready to deliver a reading-only experience from your HP device or computer. All the previous reviews will undoubtedly be an important reference for those of you who really like the world of novels and writing.

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