6 Most Comprehensive Auto Parts Stores in Jakarta – Moladin

6 Most Comprehensive Auto Parts Stores in Jakarta – Moladin
6 Most Comprehensive Auto Parts Stores in Jakarta – Moladin

There are several comprehensive auto parts stores in and around Jakarta. Where these shops sell various parts ranging from original parts to those that are close to the original or KW.

The presence of auto parts stores is rampant, almost in all regions. In general, they not only sell products, but also accept installation, also known as disassembly.

However, not all car owners want to install store-bought replacement parts. Usually car owners already have a subscription repair shop. Then, in terms of price, of course, the car parts store is cheaper than the price of parts in official workshops.

Oh yes, speaking of original parts, car owners should first know the profile of the parts store. To be on the safer side, you should look for a parts store based on colleagues or friends who are used to shopping at the store. This is to prevent unwanted things. Like replica (KW) products, they are said to be original.

“There are many auto parts stores, but if you have a complete set, the goods are appropriate, and the price is low, you should be careful when choosing the store. It is better to ask a friend or a regular repair shop who is used to buying from the store. Don’t let him go crazy,” explained Gorgom, a used car dealer in Pamulang. (6/20/2022).

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So, back to the discussion of the most comprehensive auto parts store in and around Jakarta area. Want to know where it is, let’s see the following information.

1. Mandala Putra Engine

The Most Complete Auto Parts Store
Mandala Putra Engine

The first complete spare parts store is Mandala Putra Motor. This auto parts store is located at RE Martadinata Street Number 279, more precisely at Pondok Cabe Auto Parts Center, South Tangerang. The contact person is 021 74705060.

Auto parts of various brands are available at Mandala Putra Motor store, ranging from Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Daihatsu and other car brands. Even for electrical spare parts like capacitors and others are also available.

Oh yes, this parts store also accepts installation of purchased parts, as well as regular repairs and services like oil changes.

2. Terang Jaya Engine

The Most Complete Auto Parts Store
Terang Jaya

The next most comprehensive auto parts store is Terang Jaya Motor whose address is also at Pondok Cabe Parts Center, South Tangerang. However, this store is in Los 121. The contact telephone number is 081905142866.

In addition to the sale of various spare parts for Toyota, Daihatsu and Honda cars, there are also spare parts for Mazda brand cars. Oh yes, this store also sells auto parts from Korean brands like Hyundai.

“We have complete spare parts for Japanese and Korean cars like Hyundai. For Hyundai, we have spare parts for Carnival, Trajet or Hyundai Atoz. The prices are competitive,” explained Khoirul, one of the Terang Jaya Motor dealers.

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Similar to the Mandala Putra Motor parts store, this store also receives regular servicing and installation of purchased parts.

3. Nissan Motor Champion

The Most Complete Auto Parts Store
nissan motor champion

Also, the next most comprehensive auto parts store is Champion Motor Nissan. Based on the name of the store, this place is dominated by Nissan parts.

The location of Champion Moto Nissan is at Krekot Jaya Molek AE number 8 Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. The contact telephone number is 08999325365.

As for the spare parts products that are sold, especially for cars with the Nissan brand, it is quite complete. From spare parts for legs, machines to electricity are available. There are even parts for Nissan cars that are over 10 years old, like the Nissan Patrol, but sometimes they have to pivot.

4. Sinar Jaya Engine

The Most Complete Auto Parts Store
Sinar Jaya Engine

The next most comprehensive auto parts store is Sinar Jaya Motor, which is located at Cipete Auto Parts Center, Block D on the ground floor, Jl RS Fatmawati, South Jakarta. Then by the phone number that can be contacted 0818111589.

Like the parts store that we discussed earlier. This store also sells auto parts for various Japanese brands. However, this Sinar Jaya Motor store also sells spare parts such as steering wheel, door trim and battery.

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5. CV Dua Sekawan

The Most Complete Auto Parts Store
Curriculum Vitae Dua Sekawan

CV Dua Sekawan deserves to be one of the most complete auto parts stores. Because this store sells various auto parts of all brands. From Japanese, Korean, American and European brands.

Yes, CV Dua Sekawan is not only a spare parts store, but also an importer. So the products that are sold are not only spare parts, but also log machines. However, if the goods are not ready in stock, the consumer can pivot.

Interestingly, consumers also do not have to worry about the legality of the goods purchased. All products imported by this store are administratively complete.

CV Dua Sekawan is located at Jalan Joglo Raya No. 27, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Regarding the phone number at 0215842469.

6. 74 Mercy Store

The Most Complete Auto Parts Store
Shop 74 Mercy

The next most comprehensive auto parts store is 74 Mercy, which is located at Plaza Atrium, 5th Floor, Block D1, Jalan Senen Raya, Central Jakarta. For the number you can call 087781993496.

As the name suggests, most of the items sold are Mercedes-Benz auto parts. From engine parts, electrical, body lists to bolts and accessories.

Moladiners, that’s a review of the most comprehensive auto parts store. Keep visiting Moladin.com for more exciting car information.