6 Ways to Use Google Meet Grid View on PCs and Laptops

6 Ways to Use Google Meet Grid View on PCs and Laptops
6 Ways to Use Google Meet Grid View on PCs and Laptops

How to use the grid view of Google Meet – Widely used by Indonesians lately, Google Meet seems to bring a lot of good benefits, especially for those who do and complete all office work from home. Especially for those who want to hold meetings or online gatherings.

Although it can be used for free, Google Meet has many features that can be used, and of course, all these features are very interesting. Now, out of all the existing features, Google has provided a grid view that allows you to display many people on one screen.

With this feature, your online meetings with Google Meet service are sure to be more interesting. Because in one screen view you can see all the people who participated in the meeting. Therefore, we recommend using Google Meet Grid View through a PC or laptop.

Because when you use this feature through Google Meet app on your cell phone, the screen may be too small to not feel exciting. So, for those of you who often use Google Meet services, here is a guide on how to use Google Meet Grid View.

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How to use Google Meet Grid View on PC and Laptop

How To Use The Grid View Of Google Meet

It is almost as easy as screen sharing in Google Meet that we have said before. Using Google Meet Grid View is also not too difficult because we know that the appearance of the Google Meet app itself is very simple. And here carago.id provides a guide for those of you who want to use this feature.

How to use the grid view of Google Meet

For those of you who often use Google Meet for your business needs. So there is nothing wrong with trying to use the Grid View feature because you can definitely find an exciting and cool look.

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1. The first step you have to do is open a browser on your PC or Laptop.

2. After that, access the Google Meet service.

Go To Google Meet

3. On that page, select Join the meeting.

Select Join

4. Once you have successfully joined the meeting, tap on the menu in the bottom right corner.

Select The Menu Below

5. In the pop-up window that appears, select change the design and select Layout piled up.

Choose Design

6. You’ve already got it using the Google Meet grid view.

What is the function of Google Meet Grid View?

As we explained earlier, one of the main functions of this grid view screen is to make you feel more comfortable when using Google Meet, especially when you have meetings. But also note that in this feature you will find several types of views or grid view layouts that you can use, such as:

  • piled up : You can use it to show all the participants of the meeting with more than 16 participants.
  • Automatic – To make it easier for users to choose the Grid View layout based on what they want.
  • sidebar : This is a grid view that can be activated if you want to see the active speakers and additional participants that appear on the side of the screen.
  • Stand out : is a grid view view that you can use for presentations.
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So that’s the information that carago.id can summarize and convey this time. Hopefully, what we’ve covered above can actually be an interesting discussion and can provide additional information for those of you who are really looking for information on how to use Google Meet with the Grid View view.