6 winners of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, dancing in the museum

6 winners of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, dancing in the museum
6 winners of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, dancing in the museum

Author: Heri Setiawan

The winner of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung Collaboration between Disbudpar and Tumaritis Entertainment and Abady de Gacor under the auspices of KOKAMS

On May 29, 2022, the Kecapi Mania Sunda community, Doeloer Tumaritis and The Gacor under the auspices of KOKAMS together with the Bandung City Culture and Tourism Bureau (Disbudpar) held the final of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung. Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung had previously been held on January 29 and 30, 2022, with around 152 participants in attendance.

This preliminary round featured 6 winners from various categories. The 6 winners include: 1st Place SD 1 – 3 Category: Syahwa Nur Asyifa, 1st Place SD 4-6 Category Aissyah Kirani Fadhilah, 1st Place High School: Nazila Nur Andini, 1st Place Qanita High School Diana KH, 1st place Rampak Anak: Bentang Putri Ayu, 1st place Junior Rampak: Simbar Wulan.

The winners came from various art and dance studios in the city of Bandung. Interestingly, the winners of the Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung collaborated with various museums in the city of Bandung on the title “Dancing at the Museum”.

In this collaboration, the dancers performed a dance that was performed at the Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung with a museum fund in the city of Bandung. This collaboration is also a form of tourism promotion carried out by the Bandung City Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

6 Winners Of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, Dancing In The Museum

Contact person: 082116374126

Aissyah Kirani Fadhilah is 1st place in the singles category for SD 4-6 Pasangiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung. Aissyah Kirani Fadhilah comes from the Padepokan Sekar Panggung dance studio. Padepokan Sekar Panggung was established in 1989 with its address at Metro Margahayu Raya Complex, Bandung City, then moved to Ujung Berung and later opened training at YPK Building, Jalan Naripan and RRI Hall, Bandung.

Padepokan Sekar Panggung studio is run by Wawan Hendrawan (Abah Awan Metro) with a determination to train early childhood to junior and college level with Jaipong Dance material. The Padepokan Sekar Panggunga studio, which has the motto “Breathe mah Durang Duraring”, is here to appreciate the preservation of traditional West Java culture. Padepokan Sekar Panggung studio is also often featured in various activities of AK TV, RRI Bandung, Galuh Pakuan Festival Level 5 National Series.

Aissyah Kirani Fadhilah from Sanggar Padepokan Sekar Panggung dances at the Bandung Geological Museum, which is located at Jl. Diponegoro No.57, Cihaur Geulis, Kec. Cibeunying Kaler, Bandung City. The Geological Museum was founded on May 16, 1929. This museum has a collection of geological materials, ranging from fossils, rocks, and minerals. All the geological collections and materials in this museum are the result of collecting during fieldwork in Indonesia since 1850.

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6 Winners Of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, Dancing In The Museum

Contact person: 087779610818

Qanita Diana Kalbu Hadinata won 1st place in the individual category at SMA Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung. Qanita Diana Kalbu Hadinata comes from the Sekarpanji dance studio which is located at Taman Rahayu 1, Blok C2, No. 32 Kopo, Bandung. Sanggar Sekarpanji was established on June 21, 2018 with the motto: “Examining the art of inner dialogue” and often performs Jaipong dances and dances.

Sanggar Sekarpanji dancers have appeared in various competitions such as in Gedung Sate, TVRI Bandung, TVRI Jakarta, SCTV, INDOSIAR in D’Eggplant broadcasts, Keraton Kacirebonan, DPD Istana Puncak Cipanas (DPD Central).

Qanita Diana Kalbu Hadinata from Sanggar Sekarpanji dances at the Sribaduga Museum which is located at Jl. BKR No.185, Protector of Animals, Kec. Astanaanyar, Bandung city. The Sri Baduga Museum was established by the government to save the cultural remnants of West Java, both those that are nearly extinct and those that are still developing due to outside cultural influences. This museum has a complete collection of historical relics in West Java from time to time.

The number of collections currently reaches 6,600 units which are classified into ten fields, namely collections of geology (geography), biology, ethnography, archaeology, history, numismatics and heraldry, philology, ceramics, fine arts and technology. The construction of the museum began in 1974 occupying the old Kawedanaan Tegallega building.

6 Winners Of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, Dancing In The Museum

Contact person: 083863200300

Syahwa Nur Asyifa won 1st place in the singles category for SD 1-3 Pasanggiri Jaipongan Spans Bandung. Syahwa Nur Asyifa is the son of Ms Yuni Roharyani and father Iwan Bastian and attends SDN 043 Cimuncang. Syahwa Nur Asyifa comes from SUPUKABA Dance Studio, which is located in Jln. Laswi 126 (behind Fuji Foto Ria) / Karees Timur No 1/121 RT.03 RW.08, Kel.Samoja Kec.Batununggal.

Sanggar Supukaba often features various types of dances including Bentang Bandung, Sinta Obong, Citra Resmi, Kalakay Murag, Rawa Gede, Bedog Lubuk, Kidung si Layung, Rahyang and Subali Sugriwa. Sanggar Supukaba has achieved various achievements including the first Bentang Bandung champion, the second Governor’s Cup champion, the second Kompepar champion, the first Mayor’s Cup champion, the second Regent’s Cup champion, the first Cardinal champion and Galuh Pakuan’s second national-level hopeful champion.

Syahwa Nur Asyifa of SUPUKABA Studio dances at the West Java People’s Struggle Monument Museum, which is located at Jl. Dipati Ukur No. 48, Lebakgede, Coblong District, Bandung City. The monument, which since April 2010 has been managed by the Center for the Management of Archaeological, Historical and Traditional Values ​​(BPKSNT), the Department of Culture and Tourism of West Java Province, informs historical events in the West Java region . Among them are designed in the form of dioramas and historical reliefs of West Java.

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6 Winners Of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, Dancing In The Museum

Contact person: 081321190138

Nazilla Nur Andini won 1st place in the individual category of SMP Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung. Nazilla Nur Andini hails from Jinggabuana Dance Studio, Bandung, which is located at Jalan Cijawura Hilir No. 331. Jinggabuana studio is one of the creative forums for residents or the community who want to develop their interests and talents in the arts, especially the arts. dance.

The dance material in the studio includes various types of dance groups including dance creations, folk, classical, mask and Nusantara. Jinggabuana Dance Studio has produced many creative, reliable, disciplined, responsible and noble artists in accordance with the Jinggabuana Studio’s vision and mission.

Jinggabuana Dance Studio Bandung has also often performed at various events, including performing at TMII Jakarta, Bandung Anniversary, performing at hotels in Bandung, and JABODETABEK. In addition, Jinggabuana Bandung dance studio always exists in various dance competitions at the national, provincial or municipal level in Bandung.

Nur Andini comes from the Jinggabuana Dance Studio in Bandung and dances at the UPI National Museum of Education, which is located at Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No.229, Isola, Kec. Sukasari, Bandung City. In this place, visitors can see the relics of the North Bandung warriors and witness the relics of the past on education. The National Museum of Education is a testimony to the history of the past and the history of the future to support the development of better human resources in Indonesia.

6 Winners Of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, Dancing In The Museum

Contact person: 081321521561

Rampak Bentang Putri Ayu won first place in the Rampak Children’s Dance category at Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung by performing the Paris Van Java Rampak dance. As for the Rampak Bentang Putri Ayu dancers who performed, including Sinar Mentari Deny Putri, Sarah Anandia Pratiwi, Gendis Hilmi Okta Putri, Azkiya Andzani Aldiyani, and Rianty Jinan Maulina.

Rampak Bentang Putri Ayu comes from the Putri Ayu Dance Studio which is located at Jl. Sukaasih IV RT. 01/RW.08, Sindangjaya Village, Mandalajati District, Bandung City. Putri Ayu Dance Studio was established in 1990 and has been providing training to Indonesians since 1990 as well as foreign nationals such as Japan, India and Africa since May 1991.

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Putri Ayu Dance Studio often shows various types of Jaipongan dances. Putri Ayu Dance Studio has also appeared in various events or events like 1st Place Bedog Lubuk Karawang Creation, West Java Level, 1st Place and General Champion of Jaipongan Scarlett Landscape, West Java Level, 1st Place Bandung Art Festival (BAF) #7 West Level from Java, 1st place in the virtual American and virtual Georgia dance competition events and various other types of prizes.

The Rampak Bentang Putri Ayu, who comes from the Putri Ayu Dance Studio, dances at the Asian-African Conference Museum, which is located at Jl. Asia Afrika No.65, Braga, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City. Asian-African Conference Museum Presentation of relics, information related to the Asian-African Conference, including background, development of the conference, socio-culture, and the role of Asian-African nations, especially the Indonesian people in politics and world life.

6 Winners Of Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung, Dancing In The Museum

Contact person: 085794091234

Rampak Simbar Wulan was the first place winner in the Adult Rampak dance category at the Pasanggiri Jaipongan Bentang Bandung by performing the Paris Van Java Rampak dance. Meanwhile, Rampak Simbar Wulan comes from the Amarta Dance Studio which is located in Gd. Sunda Cibiru Terrace, Bandung City. Rampak Simbar Wulan often performs various types of dances, such as the Jaipongan dance, the masked dance, and traditional ceremonies. For an appearance Rampak Simbar Wulan.

The Amarta Dance Studio was founded in 2012, in Jatinangor, to be precise in the Puri Cendekia 2 Complex No. 59/61 Jatinangor RT 03/010 Pueblo de Cileles. In 2017 it opened services in Cilengkrang, with the place of business in Cibiru Sunda Terrace, Bandung City. Amarta Dance Studio has won many awards from the University of Chandigarh in India, the Arts of Asia Festival in Singapore, and won Gold at the Thailand Folklore Festival with a choreographer named Chaterine Ayunda DG, or often known as Teh Keket.

Rampak Simbar Wulan of the Amarta Dance Studio danced at the Pos Indonesia Museum, located at Jalan Cilaki No. 73 Bandung. This historical museum has been around since the Dutch East Indies era, to be exact, in 1933. The Indonesian Postal Museum has a collection of thousands of stamps from all over the world. The collection displayed in this museum is not just stamps. Postal items such as mail scales and the postman’s bicycle were also on display.

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