7 Easy Ways to Check the Latest XL Issues of 2022

7 Easy Ways to Check the Latest XL Issues of 2022
7 Easy Ways to Check the Latest XL Issues of 2022

If you often forget your own cell phone number, use the easy way to check xl number below. After that, don’t forget to write it down in a notebook or save it to your contacts for easy access when you forget.

  1. Check XL number with dialing code

The way to verify the XL number is to use the dial code. First you press the Phone icon on the phone. After that, enter the code *123# and then press OK or Yes or Call. Then, on the phone screen, a popup will appear with the MyInfo menu option. You can also type No.7 and press OK or submit. Select the XL Card Information menu by pressing option 3 and then Accept or Submit.

The next screen that appears is the Verify Profile menu, then select 1 and then click Accept or Submit. Click on the Number Information Menu by selecting 1 and then Accept or Submit so that your XL number can be displayed on the cell phone screen. If the XL network is stable, then this method is very easy to do. You can also use other methods if it doesn’t work by code markup.

  1. Check No XL with the MyXL App

XL providers also offer apps that can make it easy for users to access all interests related to XL cards. First download and install the MyXL app to be able to access the app menu. Android users can download it directly from the Google Play Store for free (download here), while iPhone users can download it from the App Store (download here).

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Please note that this app can be used if you have previously registered so that you can enter with an XL number. So if you have never logged in, you cannot find your XL number from the MyXL app. After registering the XL number, you can connect the app with Facebook to make it easier. So if you forget your own XL number, you can access it right from the app.

This app can not only check your xl number, but also buy xl internet quota, check xl quota, and also the latest promotion information from this provider, for example, free xl quota and other promotional promotions.

How To Check Xl Number
how to check xl number easily

Use another provider? Check the following method:

  1. Consult Number XL with Call Center

Call Center services are owned by each provider to make it easy for users to file various complaints, such as forgetting their own XL number. You can contact the Call Center directly at 817 or 818. The 817 number will connect you to the XL operator where you can ask directly about your XL number.

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As for the 818 number, it will be connected to an answering machine. The machine will give you instructions so that you can connect and speak directly with the XL operator. This call is certainly not free, at least your credit will be cut by Rs 350 per call.

  1. Check XL number with PSTN

The way to check XL numbers can also be done with PSTN. If your cell phone is left behind, so you can’t communicate via cell phone. You can use a landline or PSTN. To do this, call XL’s official PSTN number, which is +6221 579 59817. This is also a kind of call center that gives you instructions to connect with the operator.

  1. Check the number by email

This method of verifying the XL number also applies to those of you who do not have your cell phone or are abroad. So you are afraid that you will be charged roaming fees if you call XL PSTN number or XL Call Center, then you can contact XL by email. Although this is a relatively old method, it is quite useful. XL’s service email is [email protected]

  1. Check number by SMS and call friends

Also, an easy way to verify your XL cell phone number is to contact a friend via sms or phone. Be sure to call a friend whose position is close to you so that you can see the number directly from their cell phone. If the friend you are calling is far away, ask him immediately how many XL numbers appear on his cell phone screen.

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The disadvantage of this method is that it requires enough credit to send sms or call friends. So make sure your card is not within the grace period and the credit is sufficient. You only need to make short calls so you don’t spend a lot of credit.

  1. Check number with WhatsApp

You can also check the XL number using the Whatsapp application. All smartphones are now equipped with the Whatsapp application. Then you can use it by opening Whatsapp app. If you don’t have the app on your phone, download it from the Google Play Store for free. After that, click on the top right-most corner on the three-dot icon. Then select Settings or Settings to view your Whatsapp profile. Well, your number will appear on the screen at the bottom.

Easy, right? Don’t forget to write down the known number in your cell phone or small notebook. Hopefully, the way to verify XL number above can help those of you who are confused about how to verify your cell phone number.