7 Free and Easy-to-Use Windows 10 Laptop Screen Recording Apps

7 Free and Easy-to-Use Windows 10 Laptop Screen Recording Apps
7 Free and Easy-to-Use Windows 10 Laptop Screen Recording Apps

Windows 10 laptop screen recorder app is an app that is not considered to be important, but it is actually quite important. Its function is that it can be used to record presentations, record games and make video tutorials.

This application is usually necessary for students, employees, man of influence neither content creator. Even some screen recording apps need to pay to use them. But don’t worry, users can use some of the following free apps:

1. Xbox Game Bar

A default Windows 10 app, this app is easy to use even for ordinary people. There is no need to download Xbox Game Bar and it can be updated automatically. Before using this application, you must first activate the application. You can go through the search bar or the shortcut provided by Windows, namely the Windows + G key combination.

The video results can be viewed in the screenshots folder in MP4 format. This app can also be used to stream online Live that streaming platform that is available. Plus, with an easy-to-understand, full-featured display. Apart from recording, users can use it to capture laptop screens.

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2.OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a Windows 10 laptop screen recording app that is very suitable for live streaming. The slogan of this app is cheap and open source software by live broadcast. Of course, it’s easy to use with other apps for best results.

It also has various features, ranging from mixing audio and video with high performance to being composed of many sources. Multi-scene settings can be easily changed. But it is very unlucky for beginners, you must not use this app. With very professional features, the panels are becoming less confusing.

3. Express retrospective

For Windows Movie Maker users, you might be familiar with this app because it looks very similar. Bundled in an easy to use application for beginners. The features it offers are also varied, one of them is being able to include two voice inputs correctly.

Another advantage is that you can trim, add or remove audio and export it as MPEG4, AVI or WMV. It is also possible to upload directly to YouTube.

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4. ShareX

The next laptop screen recording app is ShareX. The advantage that distinguishes it from the others is that you can upload to various cloud services, such as online storage and social networks. as well as features edition which is very impressive, of course this open source app can be used indefinitely and makes it easy to try all the features it has to offer.

5. Small Take

This application can be used free of charge for personal use. It even has various video sharing features on various social networks and can be used to record chat conversations on various apps. Another advantage is that the screen is simple and easy to understand.

6. Screen press

This application developed by Learnpulse SAS, a French company, has several advantages. Starting from the option to record in certain sections, being able to save the recordings in several Format and quality. Unfortunately, this application only focuses on creating demo documents such as guides, manuals, and tutorials.

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Although it has shortcomings, the features provided are extraordinary. There is a tool that can connect the edits to a smartphone device, capable of capturing recordings of moving windows. And it can also work well as portable software.

7.XSplit Gamecaster

This app is very popular among gamers because it is one of the easiest apps to record gameplay. His ability to live broadcast there is no need to hesitate. Live streaming can work smoothly and stably, so the convenience of starting and stopping recording is included among the advantages offered. For novice gamers, this app is very suitable to use.

Those are some Windows 10 laptop screen recording app recommendations. Of course, the above apps have various advantages and disadvantages of each. For beginners, it is recommended to use a free and easy-to-understand application such as Xbox Game Bar.