7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce

7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce
7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce
Halal Apps To Make Money
7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce 5

Halal apps to make money – Using various types of apps to make money these days is not a new thing for users. Especially for those who like to play mobile phones and surf the Internet every day with various activities, such as playing games, accessing social media applications, etc.

This then also affects the system of user-referred apps to use and is also expected to be easier. Because, for some users, they develop various types of applications that can turn money into a profession to get the desired amount of money.

This is certainly supported by the technological advances that currently dominate various age groups of users. So, from kids to adults, many people use money making apps like this one to earn extra income with various tricks.

A money making app is a collection of apps that, when run for a certain period of time, can earn real money. That way, users can get maximum results from using various of these apps which can then be streamed through digital wallet apps like OVO and DANA.

If you are one of the users who wants to know which money making apps can be downloaded easily. Below, you can immediately see a list of some of the apps we recommend below:

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Halal apps to make money

7 Halal Apps To Make Money
7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce 6

Many users have shown that they can earn money from the halal money making app. The nominal is not great, but enough to be extra money. Currently see the list of halal money making apk which you can download from App Store and Google Play Store.

1. Jackpat

Apps from your own country can also be halal money makers, you know. Try downloading Jakpat on the Play Store or App Store to try it out right away. After that, create an account using the NIK of the KTP.

Next, you just need to complete the survey provided by the app. The more surveys you complete, the more points you can accumulate. Later, you accumulate these points with purchase vouchers, credit or cash.

2.Buzz break

Buzzbreak is an app that provides news content and short videos. This app is also a place for you to earn extra money. You just need to collect points in the app by opening it every day.

To get extra points, you need to read the news and watch the videos in it. You can also invite friends to join in downloading this app. If you are successful, of course many more bonus points await you.

The accumulated points can be exchanged for rupees, which can then be transferred to your account. The maximum redemption limit is 5,000,000 points.


CashPop app also promises attractive bonuses for its users. You can get credit, quota, game coupons, shopping coupons and much more. Sometimes the promised value is also not small.

To get it, you just need to complete the missions found in the app. The requested mission is not difficult, really. You just need to open the app every day, sign in, watch videos and play games.

Inviting friends to use this app will also give you extra points, you know. There are also times when CashPop also hosts special events that award up to 10 times more points.


Another halal money making app option is AppNana. Create an account and you will earn pineapples or points in the app. Playing games in the app will also give you more pineapples.

Spread your referral code to family and friends to get extra pineapples. You can also share this game through Facebook or WhatsApp. Many users say that this app is quite fast to earn extra money.

Once you have a lot of points, exchange them for cash. If you want to exchange it for money, you need to have a PayPal account first because the money will be sent there later. In addition to money, you can also redeem it for Amazon or Play Store coupons to buy other paid apps.

5. hello

There are several ways to earn halal money with the Hello app. The first opens the app every day and logs in. Second, complete the daily tasks assigned by the app. Each of these missions will earn in-app coins.

In addition to coins, you can also earn money directly without collecting coins. The trick is to share the referral code of this app with your friends or family. If the code is used, you will be immediately rewarded with IDR 46,000.

However, you can only withdraw IDR 10,000 per withdrawal. Yes, calculate the savings in the app to disburse when you need it.

6.TikTok Lite

    Light Tiktok
7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce 7

This social media app is already quite popular among Indonesian people. It is not without reason that this application has a variety of users. Apart from presenting a variety of interesting content, TikTok Lite can also be a halal money maker, you know.

To get it, you need to invite more friends to use this app. Not only that, you also need to watch more video content on it.

TikTok Lite is also not that difficult to get paid. After collecting the money, you can immediately request a withdrawal of the fund balance. Then you can start collecting cash back on this app.

7. Snack Video

Appetizer Video
7 Halal Money-Making Apps That Have (PROVEN!) Produce 8

The Snack Video app also has its own charm since its inception. The reason is that this is also a halal money making app that you can use right now. All you have to do is collect points and redeem them for money.

Just being a new user of this app will get you quite a few points, you know. The points will be even more if you manage to invite a friend to join in downloading and creating a Snack Video account on their mobile phone.

Open this app every day and share interesting videos with other users to get extra points. If you have a lot of points, you just need to exchange them for money that can be withdrawn directly to your personal account.

Are Halal Money Making Apps Proven To Pay?

Some of the apps we recommend on the top page of this article are the types of apps that have proven to be profitable for all users. However, if possible, we recommend that you do not quit your current main job as your main source of income by working for money.

Because this type of application can not excel to get a large amount of income and enough to live on. You can simply use this type of app for a distraction or extra income that you can use anytime while on vacation or when you are not working.

If you want to earn a lot of money on the Internet, we suggest some professions that you can do. Like being a Youtuber, Blogger, Influencer, Writer or even a professional Gamer, where if you are competent you can earn a decent amount of money to finance your life.

But you shouldn’t rule out some of the money-making apps on the front page, either. But in fact, you have to be observant and smart in using your time if you want to work and earn a lot of money.

Other application recommendations:


Hence, our explanation of 7 Halal Money Making Apps that have (PROVEN!) Produce. Download and generate a fund balance or money quickly.

Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to keep up to date with technological developments by reading our article “FollowTekno.id” which will be updated every day, thank you for visiting us and see you soon.

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