7 Negative Impacts of TikTok You Should Know

7 Negative Impacts of TikTok You Should Know
7 Negative Impacts of TikTok You Should Know

Any social network certainly has an influence and impact on its users. In addition to the positive impact, there are many negative impacts that can be caused. TikTok is of course included in this. So what are the negative impacts of Tiktok? This review will cover it.

Currently Tiktok is one of the largest and best-selling social networks. This short video sharing platform is very popular among various groups, especially teenagers and young people. Various interesting contents make users never get bored of being active on it.

Other than that, all Tiktok users should be aware of the negative impact this short video sharing platform can have. Because after all, everything can only be used when the positive impact is greater and the negative impact is less and can be prevented.

Here are 7 negative effects of Tiktok you should know

Tiktok Negative Impact List

1. He becomes addicted

Tiktok is a short video sharing platform that offers a wide variety of unique and interesting videos. Not to mention the interaction between other Tiktok users, which is very easy and fun. Since the beginning of its launch, Tiktok users have continued to grow, especially among teenagers and young people.

For teenagers and young people, things like this are certainly very exciting and fun. It’s no wonder so many of them spend hours just being active on Tiktok.

In fact, many of them are willing to drop their various routines just to be active on Tiktok. There is no doubt that this is an effect of Tiktok addiction. Therefore, one of the negative impacts of Tiktok to be careful of is addiction.

2. Wasting time

Everyone certainly understands how valuable time is in life. Sometimes we find conditions where the time we have is not enough to complete some useful activities.

The fun of playing Tiktok often means that users can spend hours without even worrying about eating and resting. In fact, not a few of the Tiktok users have neglected their duties and work because they enjoy playing Tiktok.

Therefore, there is no doubt that one of the negative impacts of Tiktok to be aware of is the loss of time. Just think, how many hours should be spent playing Tiktok. If Tiktok playtime is used for more important things, of course the benefits are even greater.

3. Reduce social sensitivity

In today’s digital age, especially since the advent of smartphones and various cool apps including Tiktok, many people are starting to abandon social interactions. They prefer to live with smartphones and spend time enjoying various entertainment on the Internet through smartphones.

Many of them began to lose social sensitivity. That’s because they don’t want to worry about the conditions around them. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, as long as you can play your smartphone and access Tiktok to your heart’s content.

4. Too much negative content

There is no doubt that one of the negative impacts of Tiktok is the amount of negative content it contains. There is little content that leads to pornography and other negative things. Women happily dancing while showing off their body parts is something often found on Tiktok.

As a consequence of this negative content, much of the positive content, including educational content, was removed. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time looking for positive and educational content.

5. Erase the culture of shame

7 Negative Effects Of Tiktok

Since the arrival of Tiktok, many young women have seen the parts of their bodies that should be covered. In fact, they make inappropriate movements when showing it.

Worse yet, videos like this are not only made and shared by teenagers, but also by married women and women with families. Things like this, of course, will gradually erode the culture of shame.

6. Reduced productivity

Life in this world is not just about having fun and relaxing. As social beings, each of us has his own responsibilities and duties. Whatever your profession is, you still need to be productive in your profession.

Well, one of the negative impacts of Tiktok is that it reduces productivity. This can be clearly seen by the amount of time wasted playing Tiktok. As a result, things that are most useful are neglected.

7. Reduce rest time

There is no doubt that playing Tiktok leads to less rest time, especially sleep time at night. As a result, when you wake up the next day, your body is not in the best condition to carry out your daily routine.

The effect of the lack of rest time due to the excitement of playing Tiktok will undoubtedly have an impact on many things, including deteriorating health conditions and reduced productivity. In fact, many positive and useful things can no longer be done due to unsupportive bodily conditions.

Those are the 7 negative effects of Tiktok that are important to know. After knowing the negative impacts that exist, of course you can be more vigilant when playing Tiktok. In addition, you can also do self-introspection, whether you have felt more positive values ​​or even negative impacts so far.

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