8 Unconventional Millennial Travel and Tour Business Ideas

8 Unconventional Millennial Travel and Tour Business Ideas
8 Unconventional Millennial Travel and Tour Business Ideas

For those of you who like Travelmaybe travel and tour business ideas it could be an opportunity to earn money. The reason is that this industry is very promising, especially for Indonesia.

Contribute nearly 5% of Indonesian GDPTourism in Indonesia offers a variety of diverse destinations, from natural attractions like Raja Ampat to the historical site of Borobudur Temple.

If you are interested in starting a tour and travel business idea, let’s read this entire article.

8 millennial anti-travel business ideas Conventional

Here we have 8 business ideas tour and travel that you can try

  1. service business walking tour (Walking tour)
  2. service business bike tour (Bike Tour)
  3. car rental business
  4. Tour package provider company
  5. Tourist Guide Services Companies (Tour guide)
  6. photographer service business
  7. business to be travel blogger
  8. hosting business

Any interesting ideas? Read the full explanation as well as information on companies that have been operating and have been successful in this field.

1. Service business walking tour (Walking tour)

Yes, you read right, first business idea tour and travel It is a service business walking tour or a walking tour.

It may sound strange and less familiar to you. This is because this business is still new and just starting to develop right now.

to start a business walking tourAt least the things you need to prepare are:

  • Good understanding of local historical and cultural attractions.
  • Develop a plan for points of tourist attraction
  • Mastering foreign languages, especially English, is a plus point.

amateurs walking tour they are tourists who want to explore tourist destinations slowly but deeply and meaningfully.

Examples of companies that provide services walking tour and the Jogja Good Guide is already operating in Indonesia. Here is his profile.

In addition, there are also online applications based around the world for walking tour named GuruWalk. If you want to run your own business as a walking tour guideyou can try, here.

Present in various countries including Indonesia, basically this app offers services to the users. walking tour free. Temporary tour guideit’s a place

Although it is free, many users still offer $10 to $50 tip per tour, or about Rp. 100 rupees 500 thousand. Isn’t that great?

2. Business bike tour (Bike Tour)

Also walking tourwhich is no less exciting is the business bike tour or a bike tour.

Make no mistake, fans. bike tour or also known bike tour quite a lot, from locals to foreign tourists.

To start a bike tour business, you must at least:

  • Provide a strong bike
  • Provide additional equipment: bottles, bike helmets, suits
  • Learn about the bike paths that have interesting places: rice fields, mountains and the like.
  • Get to know the local culture and knowledge

One of the business entities already operates in this field Moana.id.

This business entity created by UGM alumna Anita Briana has received the Top #1 Outdoor Activity from Tripadvisor.

Here is his profile.

  • Business Name : wow
  • official website : moana.id
  • Social networks (Instagram) : @moanabiketour (11.4K followers)
  • Headquarters : Yogyakarta and surroundings

How, are you interested in following the steps?

3. Car rental travel service business

The next travel related business idea is car rental.

The target market for this business is usually local and foreign tourists who stay for a long time in a tourist city, such as Bali, Lombok to Yogyakarta.

This business is quite in demand despite the fact that the capital to start it is also not small. rent or Vehicle rentals usually include cars, motorcycles, minibuses, buses.

Examples of experienced commercial players are TRAC, Astra.

The company, which was founded in 1986 with initial operations using just 5 cars, now manages thousands of vehicles.

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