9 Business Ideas for Maternity and Maternity, An Anti-Loss Way

9 Business Ideas for Maternity and Maternity, An Anti-Loss Way
9 Business Ideas for Maternity and Maternity, An Anti-Loss Way

Businesses involving domestic affairs are endless. one of which is mother and baby supplies business ideas.

The necessary equipment is very diverse. From women being pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding to caring for you, you can explore their needs.

Without a doubt, products for teams mother and baby necessities become one of the top selling businesses on Tokopedia and Shopee.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the following business ideas for mother and baby equipment business along with how to start a business.

9 Maternal and Baby Supplies Business Ideas Opportunities for Success

But before you start a business, you need to map out the business ideas category of equipment that suits you to build baby store.

Below is a business opportunity for a mother and baby equipment business that could be your idea to start a business.

  1. Food and Milk Business for Pregnant Women
  2. maternity clothes business
  3. Equipment and Maternal Care Business
  4. Baby toys and activities
  5. Baby food and milk business
  6. lactation equipment business
  7. baby care business
  8. baby feeding business
  9. baby toiletries business
  10. baby sleeping equipment business

We have arranged the explanations based on a series of scenarios for the needs of mothers and babies from when the baby is in the womb until the baby is born and grows.

Warning: we are going to cover important ideas. Maybe you can prepare a note, yes, so as not to forget.

1. Maternity clothing business

launch from Pregnancy Birth & Babyclothing needs for pregnant women, especially when the age of 4-5 months should be loose.

Therefore, a business idea for pregnant women’s clothing needs, ranging from daily clothes, sports clothes to office work clothes, is very necessary.

Some of the ideas are as follows. Annotated, yes.

  • head of maternity
  • maternity swimsuit
  • maternity pants
  • Dress and overalls for pregnant women.
  • Octopus
  • Corset and octopus for pregnant women
  • leggings for pregnant women
  • Underwear for pregnant women
  • maternity skirt

You can use this idea for business. online neither disconnected. For online businesses with little capital there is also a way. Can read here.

If you are interested in delving into the business of maternity clothing and in more detail, you can visit here – page Special tokopedia for maternity clothesme.

2. Equipment and Maternal Care Business

The next business idea is still about mothers, that is, their equipment and care.

From pregnancy to lactation, mothers have special needs to support their activities. Including the following:

  • pregnant mother pillow
  • lactating mom Throw Pillow
  • breast milk booster
  • pregnant mother’s milk

You can use this business idea to open a small mother computer business. If your business is online, you can follow ways and tips to sell online selling guides that make selling.

Meanwhile, to research market prices to the latest trends in maternal care and equipment sales, you can refer to here – Tokopedia for the mother team.

3. Toys and activities for babies

Because babies also need activities to support their motor skills, a baby toys and activities business idea is well suited to meet those needs.

The baby toys and activities business has the opportunity to make huge profits. Because parents want their babies to grow and develop well.

Interested in the baby toy business? Here is a list of categories where you can take notes and turn them into business ideas.

  • Walker
  • Educational toys and music for babies.
  • milk teeth toys
  • baby outdoor toys
  • baby bath toys
  • baby safety fence
  • baby mat
  • Baby swinger, seesaw and hammock

To see the market prices of toys and activities for babies, you can visit this page – Special Tokopedia for baby toys and activities.

If you want to sell baby toys online but are still not sure, you can learn first at Top 5 Online Sales Learning Sites, you know. Let’s keep starting a business.

4. Baby food and milk business

The business idea with the next profit opportunity is the baby food and milk business. This need is highly sought after by parents of baby owners, you know.

This business also indirectly helps the growth and development of babies in need, you know. It could be a charity camp too, right? Interested? here is the list.

  • Biscuits and snacks for babies
  • cereal porridge and drink
  • Milk for babies under 1 year
  • Milk for babies older than 1 year

You can view pricing information for this business competitor at here – Tokopedia page for baby food and milk.

If you have a solid baby food and milk business, you can immediately open an online store in the marketplace, like shopee. How to open a store in shopee is easy through the cell phone and it’s freeyou know.

5. Nursing Equipment Business

Also, a quite promising business idea is the lactation equipment business.

You can start a nursing equipment business online by following a best selling and successful online selling guide.

If you are interested in opening little baby shop Okay online or offline with lactation equipment, here are our recommendations on equipment classification:

  • nursing apron
  • maternity bra
  • mammary pad
  • Accessories for breast pumps
  • cooler bag
  • ice gel
  • Breast milk bottle bag
  • nipple cream
  • nursing clothes

But if you want to do a market study to convince yourself, you can visit this page – Tokopedia specialized in breastfeeding equipment.

6. Baby care business

A baby care equipment business can also be a business idea that has great profit opportunities.

If you are interested in the baby care business category, here are some recommended equipment lists that you can take note of:

  • Baby oil
  • baby powder
  • Baby creams and lotions
  • diaper bag
  • baby nail clippers
  • Baby cotton and fabric
  • curtain oil
  • baby comb

For more detailed types of baby care along with the market price range, you can visit here – Tokopedia for baby care.

7. Baby feeding equipment business

You can turn a baby feeding equipment business idea into a promising business opportunity, you know.

Even if you don’t have enough capital, you can also start a business using drop shipping. because there are many free dropship platform to sell online.

The platform also allows you to sell supplies for mothers and babies, as shown below.

  • baby cutlery
  • baby food manufacturer
  • Milk bottle and pacifier
  • baby apron
  • pacifier
  • baby dining chair
  • Sterilizer and heater

If you are interested and want to explore the baby feeding equipment business, you can go deeper by researching prices at here – Tokopedia special for baby feeding.

8. Baby toiletries business

Besides tableware, the latest business idea is baby toiletries. Yes, babies need special treatment when bathing them.

Such as soft towels for the skin, protective hats from splashes of water to special shampoos for babies. The list of equipment you can take note of is as follows:

  • Baby bath and pool
  • baby wipe
  • baby buoy
  • bed warmer
  • baby shampoo and soap
  • baby toothpaste toothbrush
  • Baby waterproof hat

For details on prices and various types, you can see at here – Tokopedia for baby toiletries.

9. Baby sleeping equipment business

Another mother and baby equipment business idea that you should try is a baby bedding business.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of our recommendations for the most sought-after baby bedding:

  • baby monitor
  • Baby cushions and cushions
  • baby bedong
  • baby sleeping box
  • baby mosquito nets
  • Baby sleeping mat
  • pearls
  • Baby blanket

To conduct a market price survey, you can visit the official website Special tokopedia for baby bedding.

In addition to the above recommendations, other options that you should try are baby fashion business ideas which also has a great turnover opportunity.

How to start a mother and baby supplies business for beginners

Here’s how to start a business so that the mother and baby equipment business idea doesn’t just stop at your dreams.

  1. Define niche o Focus on the right mother-baby kit for you;
  2. Do business plan (business plan) related to profit, loss, business mechanisms for capital calculations;
  3. do your research related to competitors, market needs, location (if doing business offline);
  4. prepare capital start a mother and baby supply business;
  5. set time right place to start a business. Better start first;
  6. Define the uniqueness of the business. You are what sets you apart from other competing companies in the field of maternal and baby equipment.


Hence, our review of mother and baby equipment business ideas that you can try. Good for starting a small baby store business, selling online, selling offline.

I hope this article is useful and helps in your trading decision.

Good luck.

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