9 lavish and elegant celebrity birthday celebrations!

9 lavish and elegant celebrity birthday celebrations!
9 lavish and elegant celebrity birthday celebrations!

Curious how this lavish celebrity birthday celebration? Come on, look!

Celebrating a birthday is a form of gratitude for having received a longer life. For this reason, many people choose to celebrate it with family, friends and relatives.

Birthday celebrations are also held by various celebrities with a more luxurious concept. In fact, some of them cost a lot of money just to celebrate a birthday. Who are they? Here is the list!

Luxury celebrity birthday celebrations

Spending money to throw a lavish birthday party for some celebrities is no big deal. Some parties are even in the public eye for their extravagance.

what kind of partyYes, celebrities ever done? Let’s take a look at the list below!

1. Princess Delina

Princess Delina'S Birthday - Luxury Celebrity Birthday Celebration
Source: Instagram @putridelina

The only daughter of comedian Sule celebrated her 21st birthday in a very luxurious way. Themed costume party, the event was held in a no less luxurious hotel room.

Princess Delina’s appearance was also charming wrapped in a dress like a princess in cartoons. Also, the tiered cake adds to the luxury of Princess Delina’s birthday party.

This event was attended by relatives, lovers and close friends from the circle of artists.

2. June waste

Yuni Shara'S Birthday - Luxury Celebrity Birthday Celebration
Source: Instagram @ yunishara36

Singer 50 more years I just celebrated my 50th birthday, NIH, at the beginning of last June. Yuni Shara’s birthday is celebrated with her family and her close relatives.

The celebration this time was quite in the spotlight because her ex-husband, Henry Siahaan, was also in attendance.

This Krisdayanti sister received many congratulations and gifts from the guests who attended. In fact, her fans have flooded Yuni Shara’s social media comment column to offer her greetings and prayers.

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3. Thalia and Thania

Luxury Celebrity Birthday Celebrations
Source: IDNTimes

The two daughters of Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah are adorable. Thalía and Thania have just celebrated their birthday with a very luxurious concept.

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In this event, the Onsu Family was compact wearing costumes like in the movie Aladdin. Thalia and Thania’s birthday was also attended by several renowned artists and their children.

At various times, the presence of the family of Raffi Ahmad, Atta Halilintar, Fuji, Titi Kamal, Ria Ricis, and even Lucinta Luna enlivened the event. It’s so much fun, right?

4. Tasya Farasya and Tasyi Athasyia

Tasya Farasya'S Birthday - Luxury Celebrity Birthday Celebration
Source: Kapanlagi

Who does not know the two famous twins who are often seen on Youtube? Both working on social media platforms, Tasya and Tasyi recently held a lavish birthday party at home.

The glamorous portrayal of the two parties can also be seen in the decorations used. Also, Tasyi and Tasya have a series style concept. Bridgerton on Netflix for his birthday show.

Even though only close family members attended, the event was still lively and exciting like the old British royal party, right?

5.Raline Shah

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Source: Coverage 6

The figure of Raline Shah is often heard abroad by the widest circle of friends. One of the famous people in Raline Shah’s circle is the father of Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Some time ago, Raline Shah became the talk of the town for her lavish birthday celebration even though only a handful of people attended. Raline celebrated her birthday in two different places, namely Bali and Dubai.

In Bali, he celebrates with his family by eating at a restaurant. Meanwhile, in Dubai, Raline’s colleagues attended with luxurious Middle Eastern dishes.

6. Storm

Source: Geo.tv

Kylie Jenner always goes out of her way for her first daughter, Stormi. One of them is a birthday celebration that is made as lavish as possible.

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This isn’t the first time Stormi’s birthday party has been extravagant. Well, this year it is the turn of the LOL Surprises theme that Kylie uses.

In addition to being luxurious for a toddler size, this year Stormi is celebrating a birthday with her cousin, Chicago, who is Kim Kardashian’s son.

Wow, the Kardashians have never failed to impress the public, have they?

7. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner - Luxury Celebrity Birthday Celebration
Source: DHgate

Stormi’s mom, Kylie Jenner, once threw a lavish birthday party for her. As she celebrated her 23rd birthday, Kylie took her family and her friends on a vacation together to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Even a tropical vacation is already luxurious, but Kylie adds to that luxury by wearing a luxurious dress that costs fantastically.

imposes cshort printed silk dress with rystal details made by Balmain at a price of US$24,595 or more than 350 million if converted to rupiah.

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8. Audi Marissa

Luxury Celebrity Birthday Celebrations
Source: Fimela

Celebrating a new era with her husband, Audi Marissa indeed received a rather lavish celebratory surprise. The celebration was held outside of Indonesia. Audi Marissa’s husband, Anthony Xie, took Audi on vacation to a neighboring country, Singapore.

In fact, in Singapore, Anthony has prepared a surprise in one of the luxury shopping malls. Inside the mall the words “Happy Birthday Audy Marissa” appeared, which was also seen by other visitors. Audi also shared the happy moment through her Instagram page.

9. Claire Herbowo

745X489 Img 50801 Potret Pesta Ulang Tahun Anak Shandy Aulia Instagramatshandyaulia
Source: Sound

Shandy Aulia and her husband’s patience in expecting their first child deserves credit. After waiting for almost a decade, Shandy Aulia was finally blessed with a beautiful daughter named Claire Herbowo.

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Last February, Claire turned 2 years old and her birthday was celebrated in Bali with a luxury concept. Various artists and her children were also present at Claire’s birthday celebration.

Held far from the Capital, indeed Claire’s party was still lively. Using an outdoor concept, Claire’s party used dominant turquoise and pastel decorations.

That’s a celebrity birthday celebration in luxury. It turns out that everyone has a different concept. However, it does not take away from the luxurious impression of the celebration.

Among the artists mentioned, which birthday party concept do you like the most? Give your opinion in the comments column.

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