9+ List of the best Android Lego games, from free to paid

9+ List of the best Android Lego games, from free to paid
9+ List of the best Android Lego games, from free to paid

Lego It is a kind of small plastic block game tool which is popular with children and teenagers all over the world. You can assemble lego blocks into any model from cars, houses, robots and much more. Along with the development of technology, now Lego can be played through virtual devices. Many of the best Android Lego games you can find on the Playstore.

The beginning of the Lego game itself was issued by a Danish company by the name of the Lego Group Company. Lego was first introduced to the general public in 1949 and its existence continues to this day. Well, in this article we will provide Lego game recommendations that you can play on mobile devices like Android and iOS.

Here is a list of the best Lego games for Android, from free to paid.

1. Lego Star Wars: TFA

Android Lego Game

The first list is a game with the title Lego Star Wars: TFA. As the title suggests, this game is based on the Star Wars movie. In this game, players will be invited to the adventure in outer space. So this lego set is perfect for those who like space battles. The main objective of the game is to fight and defeat Dath Vader.

There are several characters that you can use, for example Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and many more Star Wars protagonists. The presented graphics are also very well presented. Lego Star Wars: TFA is an action-adventure game developed and published by Warner Bros International Enterprises.

2. Lego Duplo Train

Lego Game

Lego Duplo Train game is a game with a Lego theme that carries the genre of early childhood education. So it is highly recommended that children under 5 years old play it. By playing this game, children can play while learning. As its title indicates, this game carries the concept of a train.

Since it is intended for children, of course, the presented game is very simple and simple. In addition, the interface is also very kid-friendly so it can be played easily. Kids can design train tracks, become train drivers, transport goods by train, and much, much more.

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3. Lego Friend: Heartlake Rush

Lego Game City

The third recommendation is a game with the title Lego Friend: Heartlake Rush. In this game, players will be presented with racing or racing games. While the genre served is arcade. It is not just an ordinary race, in addition to racing fast, you must also be able to overcome various obstacles that come your way. Then you also have to collect points along the way.

The Lego Friend: Heartlake Rush game is suitable for girls aged 9-12 to play. Why girls? Yes, because the characters provided are beautiful and cute female characters. The vehicles are also cute, for example there is a car that is pink.

4. Lego Tower

Lego Game Android Offline

The next best Lego game for Android is a game with the title Lego Tower. This game was developed by the developer NimbleBit LLC. You will be introduced to a simulation genre that can hone creativity. The simulation concept offered is a simulation of the construction of a building. Not just one building, but can build many tall buildings.

On Playstore, this game has been downloaded by more than 5 million users worldwide. So, it can be concluded that this game is very successful and popular. The developers also regularly provide the latest updates which are certainly very interesting. To enjoy the thrill of this game, you can download it for free on Playstore or App Store.

5. Lego Super Mario

Lego Ps3 Game

You must already know about the Super Mario game, now this time there is a Super Mario game that is a bit different and unique because it uses the concept of Lego. The game is Lego Super Mario. This game was created and developed by the developer Lego System A/S. The genre on offer is a casual simulation that can certainly train your creativity.

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Total downloads of this game have reached 1 million users on Playstore. The size is only 45MB which makes this game very light when playing. You also don’t have to worry about getting bored because the developers regularly provide the latest updates. And it was recorded that the last time he gave an update was on November 3, 2020.

6. The hidden side of Lego

Best Lego Games For Android

Well, for the sixth list there is a game with the title Lego Hidden Side. If you are looking for a Lego game with action packed gameplay then you must try this game. In Playstore, it can be said that this game is quite popular, because the number of downloads has reached more than 500 thousand Playstore users all over the world.

The developer also regularly provides updates which are certainly very interesting. And the last time it gave an update was on October 1, 2020. So you can be comfortable playing the game because bug issues are always fixed and you won’t be bored because new features are introduced. Interestingly, you can download this game for free on both Playstore and App Store.

7. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Game

Do you like Marvel superheroes? If yes, then you must play this Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. You can find Marvel superhero characters in this game. Starting with Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Thor and many more. In addition, players will also be introduced to an action-packed and of course very interesting adventure game.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes itself is a game produced by the developer Warner Bros International Enterprises. The developer will always provide the latest updates so that the players feel comfortable and comfortable while playing the game. This game is a paid game and you have to pay Rp. 71,000 to enjoy the excitement.

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8. Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham City

Batman Lego Set

If previously there was the best Marvel superhero themed Lego game for Android, this time there is a Batman themed Lego game. Yes, the game is Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham. You can feel the feeling of the Batman adventure that is full of challenges and adrenaline rush.

Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham was created and developed by the developer Warner Bros International Enterprises. To play this game, you need to prepare a fee of Rp. 70,000. With this price you can already enjoy all the features of the Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham game.

9. Lego Jurassic World

Lego Jurassic World Android Game

Still with games made by developer Warner Bros International Enterprises. This time there is a game with the title Lego Jurassic World. As the title suggests, this game is based on the Jurassic World movie. You will feel the feeling of an action-packed adventure in which there are various kinds of dinosaurs.

There are more than 16 types of dinosaurs that you can find, from Triceratops, Raptors, T-rex and many more. The dinosaurs are ready to eat you, so don’t get caught. You can get the thrill of this game after paying a fee of Rp. 71,000.

10. Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

Lego Ninjago Set

The latest list of Lego games is a game with the title Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin. As the title suggests, this game has a ninja theme. The adaptation of this game is based on the TV series Masters of Spinjutsu. Players must defeat the oncoming enemies with their ninja techniques.

There are many weapons that you can use, but you need to find or unlock them if you want to use them. Also, there are many quests and quests that you can complete. Every time you successfully complete a quest or quest, you will get a reward or prize. This best Lego Android game is priced at Rp. 71,000 to be able to play it.