A Cue for Love chapter 701

A Cue for Love chapter 701
A Cue for Love chapter 701

Chapter 701 Secrets Exposed

“What are you doing dad? Who are you with?” Yara asked when she heard him panting heavily.

Thomas hadn’t told Yara about Yeva because he was embarrassed to have a mistress the same age as his daughter.

“A friend of mine had some problems, so I went to help him fix it.” Having gotten used to telling lies, Thomas was able to easily make something up on the spot.

“It’s only three in the afternoon, Dad. I went looking for you at your office, but you were nowhere to be found, so I thought something might have happened to you. Anyway, you should go back to the office if you’re done helping your friend. I want to talk to you in person about Dexmed Pharmaceutical’s future ad campaign,” Yara said with a frown.

Since Thomas was also concerned about the development of Dexmed Pharmaceutical, he agreed to their request without hesitation. “I understand. I’ll go right away. Honestly, I’m really impressed with how well you handled this, Yara. It felt amazing to see you crush Dream Corporation!”

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Yara’s response to his well-intentioned compliment was rather cold. “It’s still too early to celebrate, Dad. Natalie will not sit back and watch her company go under. Unless we truly destroy the Dream Corporation, it’s only a matter of time before Natalie returns!

“Aren’t you overestimating Natalie too much, Yara?” Thomas asked scornfully.

“I’ll show you something when you get back to your office. Then you will see what I mean.

Thomas then quickly said goodbye to Yeva and returned to his office in a hurry.

He saw Yara sitting in her chair and staring at him as he walked through the door.

“What did you want to show me, Yara?” Thomas asked anxiously.

“Here, see for yourself,” Yara replied as she pushed a folder in front of him.

Thomas quickly picked it up and saw two photographs inside.

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Those photographs were taken in secret. One of them was from the side, while the other was taken from behind. Although they were a bit blurry, Thomas was able to recognize the person in the photographs at first glance. “Aren’t these pictures of you? Why would you show me your photographs?

“They’re not mine,” Yara said seriously.

Thomas was confused. “What do you mean? Who else could this person be if not you?

A cold gleam appeared in Yara’s eyes as she replied, “My dear sister, of course! Have you forgotten that I have a twin sister, Dad? We both look exactly the same!


Thomas slammed his hand on the table and began to shake in shock. He thought that Natalie had died a long time ago.

Didn’t your sister die in the fire five years ago? H-How could she keep her alive she?”

Yara looked at him and said coldly, “Not only is she still alive, but you’ve even seen her countless times!”

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Thomas was shocked after hearing her words. “How is that possible? This is no joke, Yara! The police declared her dead back then!”

“Natalie didn’t change her name at all. As you know, she is currently the president of the Dream Corporation. She’s back to get revenge on us, Dad! You, me and Yvonne were responsible for the fire five years ago. You two hated her for being disobedient and also for the fact that she was raised by Jennie. That’s why you two helped me get rid of her instead of stopping me. That way you two could keep your hands clean while I marry the Bowers family and bring glory to Dexmed Pharmaceutical! What a way to kill two birds with one stone, huh?

Hearing Yara expose her secrets hit Thomas like a bolt from the blue.