Accommodation cost in Canada for international students

Accommodation cost in Canada for international students
Accommodation cost in Canada for international students

Canada is popular for its stunning natural beauty and cosmopolitan communities, but also for its outstanding educational institutions. Many people are curious about the cost of accommodation in Canada for international students.

Additionally, Canadian universities offer a diverse selection of courses at low tuition prices. It also makes life in Canada accessible to Filipino students. Additionally, Canada is one of the most popular study locations for international students.

Also, thanks to its low cost of living and the abundance of short courses. Also, the cost of accommodation in Canada for international students is not that expensive.

According to a survey conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Education in 2018, the top three reasons students choose Canada to study in are reputation. Additionally, Canada is a safe country (at 78 per cent), a non-discriminatory society and has a high-quality education system (at 82 per cent).

Equally important, studying in Canada is a wise investment in your future and you can have access to a world-class education, intercultural experiences and a globally recognized diploma. Additionally, international students need to plan ahead and make financial commitments in order to pursue their dreams of studying in Canada.

When studying abroad, the cost of living in Canada accounts for a significant amount of student expenses. Also, knowing how much it will cost to live in Canada could help students plan more effectively. Finding out the cost of studying in Canada is easy for international students who have decided to do so.

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How expensive is it to live in Canada?

International students who intend to study in Canada should compare the cost of studying in other countries. So here’s a look at how much it costs to live in Canada and research other places:

Country City 1 BHK Rent/month (C$) Meal for 2 (C$) Monthly Transportation Pass (C$)
London, United Kingdom 3,064 104 262
Sydney, Australia 2,534 96 208
Toronto 2,300 90 151
Berlin Germany 1,412 63 127
Montreal 1,290 Sixty-five 86
New York, USA 3,064 130 165

According to the table, the cost of living in Canada is lower than in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Although Germany has a lower cost of living, Canada is one of the most profitable study abroad destinations.

Accommodation cost in Canada

The monthly cost of living in Canada for international students depends on the type of housing you choose. Additionally, there are 3 types of popular student accommodation alternatives in Canada.

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Student Residence – Dormitories and Townhouses

Most Canadian colleges and universities offer student housing on or adjacent to campus. Dorms are larger buildings that house a large number of students, while townhouses are smaller buildings that house three to six students.

Aside from the food served at the hotel, both have a nearby cafeteria or food court where you can also eat your regular meals. Both alternatives may include or charge a reduced rate for services such as heat, hot water, and Internet.

Rental of furnished or unfurnished apartments

Before coming to study in Canada, there are a variety of options for finding temporary rentals of furnished apartments. So you can use services like Airbnb, Craigslist, HouseTrip or Wimdu. Most of these are private furnished apartment rentals. Check out reviews and ratings, or ask about feedback from previous guests.

Shared apartment or condo off campus

Off-campus shared apartments and condominiums provide students with a single room in a shared living environment with one or more other students. In addition, they often have a single-use bedroom or living space with a shared kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room, similar to townhouses.

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The basic accommodation cost to study and live in Canada for international students

International students from all over the world are concerned about the tuition fees as well as the additional costs that will be incurred during the duration of the course. While planning to study abroad, you should include living expenses, health insurance, and accommodation costs in your budget. Also, it is essential to focus solely on applying for a student permit in Canada.

International students must demonstrate to the Canadian government that they have sufficient funds to cover their educational and living expenses in Canada.

However, the (average) monthly cost of living in Canada is usually between CAD 600 and $800 for food and other daily expenses, not including housing.

As an international student, the cheapest cost of living in Canada is determined by the attractiveness, lifestyle and size of the city. However, you should know that the bigger the city, the higher the cost of living. The cost of living in some provinces, like Ontario, is higher.

Public transportation costs in Canada

Students who live closer to their educational institutions prefer to walk. Also, those who live outside of cities like Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto prefer to travel by subway or bus. Monthly rail passes cost between $80 and $110, although students with proper identification may be eligible for a discount.