Acrolinx and Oncrawl Announce Unique Technology Partnership

Acrolinx and Oncrawl Announce Unique Technology Partnership
Acrolinx and Oncrawl Announce Unique Technology Partnership

Enterprise Content Impact Platform leverages SEO and data science technology to power your latest product offering

Acrolinx, a global leader in helping the world’s largest businesses create more impactful content, is pleased to announce a unique partnership with Oncrawl, the industry-leading SEO and data platform powered by the industry’s leading SEO log analyzer and crawler.

Acrolinx’s newest product offering, the Content Cube, recognizes the need for organizations to measure the impact of their digital content strategies. It gives marketers a clear view of the success of their content by comparing performance metrics against content quality data and uncovering areas for improvement. Acrolinx uses Oncrawl, the industry’s leading high-performance website crawler, to provide website content to the Content Hub for analysis.

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Acrolinx chose to power Content Cube with Oncrawl due to its versatility and comprehensive crawling technologies. As a result, our solution can handle even the most inhospitable and untraceable websites while exposing accurate and valuable data to our clients. Through its ability to scan the maximum amount of website content, Oncrawl uncovers missed engagement opportunities and identifies potential website pages that threaten brand reputation. The content cube collects performance data from Oncrawl crawling and combines it with Acrolinx quality scores to provide guidance on how to improve content.

Acrolinx and Oncrawl look forward to future joint developments. With technologies that conceptually complement each other: Oncrawl helps businesses make content easily indexable for search engines to drive more traffic, while Acrolinx helps businesses create high-impact content that drives conversions. We are excited to provide more information to our customers. .

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“Content Cube provides tangible benefits for users, and we look forward to continuing to work with Acrolinx to integrate our tracking technologies into specific solutions. Access to website data is key to any successful campaign, whether it’s increasing visibility or improving engagement,” says François Goube, CEO and founder of Oncrawl.

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