Adibah Noor is ‘too special’ in Malaysian hearts, knowing ovarian cancer risk

Adibah Noor is ‘too special’ in Malaysian hearts, knowing ovarian cancer risk
Adibah Noor is ‘too special’ in Malaysian hearts, knowing ovarian cancer risk

The news of the death of another national artist, Adibah Noor, shocked a country. His presence in the art scene colors and enriches the background of the art world, especially when he himself is often active on Twitter and communicating with his fans. The kids of the 90’s generation who grew up with his artwork will definitely miss his voice on TV.

This time, we want to tell a little story about his life story and his last words before he leaves us all. Without a doubt, the cause of her death was something that could happen to all women.

Condolences Adibahnoor
Via Gempak

From teacher to artist, he was involved in the last three films before leaving for good.

Adibah Noor, or her full name Adibah Noor binti Mohamed Omar, was born in central Kuala Lumpur on September 3, 1970. Initially, Adibah Noor was an English teacher after graduating with a second language degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her first singing competition was on a talent show called Nescafe’s 90s Voice. She won the match in 1994.

His involvement in the art world began to be felt in 2005. At that time, he starred in the film Sepet, as Kak Yam. From there, he started to be active when almost every year… there is a movie he is involved either as the main character, assistant or just a guest appearance heh.

Adibahnoor Ome
Adibah Noor in Oh My English.. -Via Alchetron

He has also been active in various dramas since 2009, starting with the comedy-drama Phua Chu Kang Sdn Bhd. His latest drama Mem & Bibik Bibik is now airing on TV3. On Astro channel, he also starred in several TV movies namely Nostalgila, Mati Tunggu Sekejap, Cupid, Bisik pada Allah and Pendoa yang Ikhlas in 2014-2017.

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It can be said that the rebound of the song ‘Terlalu Istimewa’ is so Commercial brand What scars to this day. The song was carefully composed by Azlan Abu Hassan and the lyrics were written by Adibah Noor herself. The song was inspired by the case of Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani, a girl who was raped and murdered in a criminal case in early 2004. As a result, the song touched the hearts of many, including the jury, when she received the local champion award. of music in 2006, including the Song Champion Award.21st and Hits 1 RTM.

2011 was the last year he won a music award, with the song Joget Tak Senang Hati. The song won Best Ethnic Pop Song at the Malaysian Music Industry Awards (AIM). Meanwhile, 7 years ago, she won an award in the category of Latest Supporting Actress for the movie Mencari Rahmat at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur Council of Film Critics Awards.

Throughout her career, her acting talent shows how versatile and versatile Adibah Noor is. Comedy character, actually. The sad character, the character of the good and the bad… all that he can lift. He also worked in the field of hosting, later he was hired as an ambassador for various companies. The last 3 movies of him; Juang, Baik Punya Ah Long and Sekolahaha were his last contributions to the art world before his departure.

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Via MStar

Ani Mahyuni ​​Is One Of The Secret Possessors Of Her Ovarian Cancer, Adibah Looks Slim After A Break

In a Metro Daily report, Ani Mahyuni ​​admitted that people have known about Adibah Noor’s health for a long time. Still, people are asked to keep the matter secret. Share it again, Ani Mahyuni ​​took care not to spread the word to others.

“Sorry we had to keep it a secret because before this Kak Dib (Adibah) told me and some friends in Gegar Vaganza…

I can’t tell everyone about the suffering of the dead. She got sick after finishing GV and while we were filming GV Raya, after that she started having intermittent fever. After so long he was protected and why he didn’t come out we remind him of Covid.

When I asked him personally, he told me that he found out that he had cancer and that he had just had surgery at the time,” Harian Metro reported.

Many believe he is on a diet… apparently… -Via NST

Adibah also needs to refrain and rest and will not accept any more guests. I took the first photo of him after the break, he looks skinny and older than his real age (51 years old). There are some netizens who claim that this may be Adibah’s way of wanting to lose weight… but the method may not be the right one. But never mind, Adibah Noor is suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer.

Actor Namron or his real name Shahili Abdan said that he has known about Adibah’s health for the past few months and is grateful to have acted with her.

“Last February, we acted together in the movie Eraser as husband and wife. Last month, Datuk Zainal Abidin told me that Adibah was diagnosed with cancer and it was safe to have surgery last Ramadan.

Actually, I just received the sad news that he has returned to the divine. We lost an artist full of love and loved by everyone who ever worked with him “, as reported by Harian Metro

Adibah Namron
Via Metro Daily

Ovarian cancer can affect any woman, especially when there is a high risk. To this day, it is said that the cause of ovarian cancer itself has not been identified. However, there are several factors that can increase the risk:

  • Women age, especially when they have reached menopause.
  • Genetics and history of family members who also have cancer
  • Have ever had hormone replacement therapy (this factor is a very small risk)
  • endometriosis
  • Being overweight and not practicing a healthy lifestyle (including smoking)
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You can also check it yourself by taking the Hellodoktor online test here. This simple test will look at your risk and the signs of ovarian cancer. But remember, you must consult a certified doctor and not just rely on information displayed on the Internet.

On this occasion, we would also like to extend our condolences to Adibah Noor’s family and fellow artists who were affected by the loss of the pearls of the art world. May Allahyarhamah be placed among the believers, Aamin!