Adibah Noor’s body to the cemetery accompanied by hundreds of people

Adibah Noor’s body to the cemetery accompanied by hundreds of people
Adibah Noor’s body to the cemetery accompanied by hundreds of people

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The passing of the famous singer, the late Adibah Noor, last night really shocked many parties, especially the artist’s friends and fans.


Which is not the case, the photo of the deceased who was previously infected by her different appearance has garnered various reactions for looking thinner than before.

However, who would have thought that behind the picture, it looks like she just took a long break after undergoing surgery due to stage 4 ovarian cancer that has been kept a secret for so long.

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Not only that, there were also netizens who asked the deceased for a little help and he immediately donated with no questions asked.

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@el_flynn shared it on Twitter and thanked the deceased for his services at the time.

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The noble associations displayed by Twitter friend Adibah Noor at this time explain how generous she is in providing assistance even though at the time she herself was experiencing difficulties as the pandemic was still ongoing.

While participating in the Gegar Vaganza singing show last year, the deceased admitted that the purpose of participating in the competition was to earn income to pay off his friends’ debts.

May the soul of the deceased be placed among the believers. Innalillahiwainailahirajiun.

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Adibah Noor’s body to the cemetery accompanied by hundreds of people

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The body of the late Adibah Noor was taken to the cemetery for burial after being safely prayed at Al-Ansar Mosque just now.

According to current reports from AWANI and BERNAMA, the remains will be interred today at Taman Keramat Permai Islamic Cemetery, Keramat.

The passing of the deceased who returned to Rahmatullah today received a lot of attention, especially from the media, family and public.

According to the brief AWANI report from a moment ago, the atmosphere in the cemetery was not calm with many visitors.

It is understood that around hundreds of people were present there to accompany and witness the funeral of the deceased,

Earlier, during the funeral prayer process, the family representative called on the public to forgive the mistakes that the deceased may have made.

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Citing a brief report from AWANI, the family representative also asked the public who knew him to legalize all matters throughout the life of the deceased.

Previously, the Yaasin recitation ceremony was also organized by the Al-Ansar Mosque, Taman Keramat, which was the last stop of the deceased.

Summer Awani, Bernama