After the body of the founder of DNARS returns too soon, the police take action involving International Police-two.e-case

After the body of the founder of DNARS returns too soon, the police take action involving International Police-two.e-case
After the body of the founder of DNARS returns too soon, the police take action involving International Police-two.e-case
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FOLLOWING a police report on the death of the founder of Dnars cosmetics, the late Faziani Rohban Ahmad, the matter was handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra) and the International Police (Interpol).

The matter was confirmed by Kelantan Police on Monday.

However, Acting Kelantan Police Chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said his party did not open an investigation document.

Instead, he said, the police took evidence against the people involved based on the report made by the whistleblower.

“He (the whistleblower) made a report, so we are going to take evidence because we want to know what really happened because the report is too general.

The Family Of The Late Founder Of Dnars Denounces The Police, The Suspicion Of Death Has Other Elements Besides Accidents |  Boom!  Malaysia

“However, to investigate what is discussed, the problem during the incident and what happened, we will refer (send) Wisma Putra and Interpol,” he said during a press conference after officiating the monthly meeting of the Contingent Headquarters. Kelantan Police (IPK) in Kota Bharu on Monday. .

Muhamad Zaki hopes that his party will have space to examine the reports received one by one to do justice to all.

“This justice must have true facts and the police do not want the community to make their own assumptions.

“This is not an investigation into the death case, but an investigation related to the report made, whether it is true or not.

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“The death and accident have been investigated there (Thailand) and the matter has been going on for a long time,” he said.

He explained that in the internal investigation, his party will examine the people mentioned in the police report if they can help the investigation.

Family Demands Further Investigation Into Death Of Dnars Skincare Founder - Kosmo Digital

“The investigation is focused on what is alleged by the complainant.

“This incident occurred for as long as possible based on conversations from family and friends, which raised suspicions,” he said.

He said that, if there is permission, the police will consult the authorities of the neighboring country for further investigation.

Sinar Harian reported on Thursday that relatives of the founder of beauty product Dnars Skincare came forward to file a police report to demand further investigation into the death of the late Faziani.

The cosmetics entrepreneur was killed in a traffic accident in Pattani, Thailand, on May 18, 2019.

The Founder Of Dnars Died In An Accident In Thailand


The strange family brought the body of the founder of Dnars too quickly… After 3 years, my brother asked the MACC to investigate

The older brother of the founder of Dnars Skincare beauty products, Mohd Faisal Rohban Ahmad, made a report claiming that the management brought the body of the late Faziani Rohban to this country from Thailand without following the legal procedure.

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The report was submitted to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Lundang, Kelantan through the law firm of Shaharuddin Hidayu & Marwaliz on Sunday.

According to attorney and solicitor Associate Lieutenant Colonel Azhar Ahmad, the family requested an investigation by the MACC for claiming that the delivery of the remains was not made through the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok or the Malaysian Consul in Songhkla. , confirmed by an official in Wisma Putra. , Putrajaya.

“Faziani’s body arrived too quickly in Malaysia through the Sungai Golok-Rantau Panjang border gate at 4 pm on the same day as the accident, May 18, 2019.

“It is alleged that the matter of shipping the deceased’s remains does not follow the procedure prescribed by law, which is believed not to have a letter of permission from the Malaysian representative in the country where the death occurred,” it said.

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He added that the time to bring the body home was very quick compared to the few days required as usual because he had to go through various procedures in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Mohd Faisal said that the report was made to seek justice for the deaths of the deceased.

“The family is grateful when the body can be brought home early, but we suspect there was an abuse of power or an element of corruption in the delivery.

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“A new report is being made now due to the limitations of the Covid-19 situation in the country and our family is requesting the authorities to investigate this matter,” he said.

In a tragic incident three years ago, Faziani Rohban Ahmad died at the age of 40 while her husband, Ahmad Shah Rizal Ibrahim, was injured when the Toyota Estima they were traveling in crashed in Pattani, Thailand at 10:30 a.m.

Last Thursday, the family also filed a police report to demand further investigation into the death of the deceased who claimed to be suspicious.

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