Apk Google Play Store Tested Can Make Real Money

Apk Google Play Store Tested Can Make Real Money
Apk Google Play Store Tested Can Make Real Money
Can Playstore Make Money?

How to earn income in the form of real money from a Google Play store APK is actually not too difficult and all Android smartphone users can do it.

It’s just that every Android user will have interests and talents according to their passion.

There are those who simply like to play games, be active on social networks, watch videos and many more online activities using smartphones that can actually generate real income chests.

In this review, we will look at various types of apps and games that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and have the potential to be used as a means of earning money.

5 apps on the Google Play Store that can make real money without spending capital

Can PlayStore make money? First, make sure your smartphone is using the Android operating system (OS) so that you can immediately practice by following this guide and quickly get money from the apk you installed.

1. Earn free money with Givvy!

This application can earn money in the easiest and simplest way and it is even suitable for all people to play without having an age limit.

In each activity that the users of this apk carry out, they will receive rewards in the form of coins that can then be exchanged for real money directly in the account.

Some of the games that will be paid for with coins include:

  • three in a row – The classic game of three in a row provides the opportunity to compete with other players. Users can earn coins every time they beat their opponent or end in a draw.
  • Memory game – Test the user’s memory and find 6 pairs of identical cards. To win coins from this game, the user has to guess all pairs of cards with less than 3X errors.
  • Poll – Be careful and answer a series of questions correctly. If the user’s answer is valid, he will immediately receive a large number of coins.
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Users of this Apk will also get daily bonus coins for each login every day.

Then a referral bonus is also given if you have succeeded in inviting other people to install this apk, then sign up until it is complete via the link provided by the user above.

For a complete review of information on games to win money that can be sent directly to the account, click here

2. Bitcoin Blast – Earn REAL Bitcoin!

What Apps Can Make Money?


The second apk that can make money is Bitcoin Blast, which is a type of app where only fun activities like playing guessing games and users will be paid with bitcoin.

You already know that the current bitcoin conversion rate is fantastic, even 1 bitcoin can be exchanged for US$56K. Just try to calculate if it’s made in rupees, how many hundreds of millions is that already?

There are no special requirements to earn bitcoins, users just need to download the app from the Google Play Store, then sign up and play to start earning.

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3. Earn money easily CASHBEE PLAY GAMES Cash Cashap

Cashbee is the next option as a way to get apk money with games that are not too complicated and have been shown to pay many users.

This can be seen from the many positive reviews and high ratings in the original source, i.e. in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newsystemapps.freebiecash

This application offers many options on how to withdraw money that has been raised by its users through:

  • PayPal Credit
  • paysafecard
  • Western Union
  • google play
  • Amazon Voucher
  • pay credit tm
  • Credit Burger King / McDonalds / KFC
  • iTunes Credit
  • Netflix bonus
  • xbox bonus
  • Credit Vodafone / O2
  • Nintendo Credit Balance

How do I start?

The steps to start earning money with this apk are quite simple and the most important thing is that your Android smartphone has access to the internet and the following is a guide:

  • Download apk then register and open GeldBiene
  • Play the game
  • Choose a payment option and the amount!
  • Players will receive credits in less than 48 hours. good luck

4. Make Money App – Free Cash Generator

This is an app that is arguably the fastest way to make money in a very easy way.

What users need to do is simply perform tasks by completing surveys until they are completed.

In this apk there are also many other offers that can be chosen according to the passion of the user, such as:

  • answering some surveys
  • play minigames
  • Watching a video
  • More app reviews

Rewards will be given from each of the above options if the user successfully performs their duties in accordance with the provisions.

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The withdrawal process can be done every day through a paypal account in USD $ which can then be converted into real rupees directly to local bank accounts such as BCA, BRI, Mandiri and many more.

Being one of the paypal money making apk game that has been downloaded a lot and has a good rating on the google play store, some have even been able to get up to IDR 3 million with this app.

5. Earn Cash – Earn Money Online

The fifth recommendation for an app to earn real money that can go directly to a bank account is APK Make Money Cash.

How to make money with apk? Are you looking for an app that can make money directly into your bank account?

Is there any app to earn money faster? The answer to some of these questions is Earn Cash.

In this apk users will be given light tasks for which each task will be paid in the form of reward coins.

Some of the tasks to be performed are:

  • Testing game apps
  • answer the survey

So the most important thing to prepare for is that the user’s Android smartphone must have a large memory space because the task of testing the game needs to download and install the game.

That is why this application provides a fairly high fee and the income can be withdrawn through a paypal, payoneer, bitpay to bitcoin account.