Application of Digital Signature and Electronic Seal eMET

Application of Digital Signature and Electronic Seal eMET
Application of Digital Signature and Electronic Seal eMET

Application of Digital Signature and Electronic Seal eMET – Did you know that in response to the existence of digital documents, the government officially introduced an electronic seal (e-seal)? Before that, electronic signatures were also widely known by the general public, especially when the pandemic hit and people were forced to work from home.

In accordance with Government Regulation Number 86 of 2021 regarding the Purchase, Management and Sale of Seals, electronic seals are seals in the form of labels whose use is made by applying them to documents through a specific system.

To overcome this, the eMET application has a digital signature service and an electronic stamp service. Therefore, users do not need to install many applications because eMET is sufficient and the requirements are met.

Undoubtedly, the existence of an electronic stamp and a digital signature will make things easier for users, especially those who are often involved in stamp duty signing as proof of stamp duty expiration on electronic documents and in relation to systems containing electronic documents. .

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The business world is so dynamic, the internet is everywhere, everything is digital now, which more or less forces the author to adapt to all possible circumstances. The existence of the eMET application aims to provide document management services in digital format, which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, while prioritizing security; Soft, easy to calm.

Thus, economic actors will feel calm and secure because electronic certificates, electronic signatures and electronic seals are official and legal products of Peruri (Pers Moneter Republik Indonesia).

How to Use Digital Signatures and Electronic Seal

  1. Download the eMET application
  2. Download eMET app from Playstore. Register and verify your identity.
  3. upload document
  4. Upload the digital document in *.pdf format that you want to sign electronically along with the electronic stamp from your smartphone through the eMET application.
  5. decided to throw a party
  6. Add parties involved in the document signing process through the pre-saved contacts feature.
  7. documentary process
  8. Select the desired location on the document to place the electronic seal and send the request to the other party. Done done.
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Here are some of the features you can use when doing business with the eMET app:

1. Signature Order

There are 2 options, Parallel and Series. Parallel is used when there is no sequential condition on who must sign first. Periodic magazines allow you to determine who must first sign digital documents in a certain order.

2. Audit trail

This feature is used to view the history or tracking records of electronic documents; from beginning to end. Shows the status of the edited document.

3. Electronic Signature and Seal Request

We only ask the other party to cooperate in signing the document. Wherever customers are, they simply sign and stamp.

4. Top up the balance

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The eMET app makes it even easier to purchase electronic stamps. There are different types of electronic stamp packages that can be paid for with the Full Digital Wallet option.

All this with one app!

What is the legal and security status of the eMET Digital Signature and Electronic Seal Application?

The eMET app also uses a multi-factor authentication system to ensure that electronically signed and sealed parts are legitimate.

So, what are you waiting for? Download now and experience the convenience of eMET; Electronic Signatures and Seals from Anywhere!


then app Application of Digital Signature and Electronic Seal eMET it will bring you a lot of convenience with a variety of features that will really help you with your daily needs. A simple and legal use in the eyes of the law makes Application of Digital Signature and Electronic Seal eMET it can be a modern convenience option today.