Applications Watch Korean Drama Drakor id Indonesian Free

Applications Watch Korean Drama Drakor id Indonesian Free
Applications Watch Korean Drama Drakor id Indonesian Free

Applications Watch Korean Drama Drakor ID Indonesian: The accumulation of work and thesis at the same time makes us dizzy and even stressed. That’s why we really need entertainment, whether it’s on vacation or watching Korean movies or dramas.

The world of apps is growing fast. So if you want to watch Korean dramas, you can directly download the Drakor ID app without opening the website.

As we know, Drakor id is one of the best Korean drama streaming sites that you can download via website.

This DrakorID app was created by the Korean drama website This allows users to quickly watch the latest Korean dramas and easily get information and notifications about movies that have just been released or are continuations of previous episodes. ..

Drakor ID app to watch Korean dramas

Applications Watch Korean Drama Drakor Id Indonesian
Applications Watch Korean Drama Drakor ID Indonesian

With a simple and elegant interface that makes this app easy to use, the list of Korean movies and dramas has also been significantly updated.

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This makes the Drakor ID app very popular with many people. Not only that, it turns out that this app has over 1 million downloads and more attribution savings than a live view on the site.

Advanced features available

Here are some very useful features that you can use with your DrakorID app:

  • Quick drama updates.
  • There are many feature films.
  • Light, simple and elegant.
  • Easy to use.
  • There are not many ads.
  • Watch it offline (if you already downloaded it).

Why should I use the Drakor ID app?

If you are confused, why download the Drakor ID app? Wouldn’t it be easier to see it live on the site? Well, here I add some advantages.

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with OST

With this app you can directly download the drama you need, or listen to the OST or soundtrack of the drama or movie you are watching.

TV Online Korea

You can watch not only Korean dramas, but also famous Korean channels like SBS-IN, Cube TV, music channels, Kpop channels, and KBS.


You can also use this feature to talk to administrators and other users.


Just 4 MB in size, you can already enjoy this feature-rich app.

very complete

It turns out that the app, which is called Drakor ID, not only completes the latest or oldest Korean dramas, but is also equipped with other dramas such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, and even Japan.

many features

As mentioned above, it has many features, but of course it will be further developed to make it easier for users.

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How to download the Drakor ID app on Android and iOS

This Drakor ID app comes from a Korean drama website called drakor.indo which aims to make it easy for users to watch the latest Korean dramas or even get information or notifications about recently released movies or previous episodes that are going to be released.

To watch the best drama series, you can visit the official website

  • Application name +
  • Latest version 3.2
  • Updated January 2021
  • APK size 6MB
  • Requirements Android 4.1 or higher
  • Developed by Drakor id

closing words

Until we meet again at the next meeting, which of course will always provide a variety of the latest viral information. see you later bye