Are you ready to worship the victims? Well, 4 tips to make worship more perfect

Are you ready to worship the victims?  Well, 4 tips to make worship more perfect
Are you ready to worship the victims? Well, 4 tips to make worship more perfect

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It feels like a new day, yesterday we celebrated the joy of Aidilfitri together, the literate people are now about to arrive for Aidiladha! Haa.. Is there anyone planning to do sacrificial worship this year?

It is very good if someone has kept the intention to perform the sacrificial ritual because it is one of the practices of circumcision highly demanded in Islam as a sign of thanks to God.

If you want to perform your sacrifice, you not only have to spend money and give it to a certain party to manage your sacrifice, but you must at least know a few things so that this practice becomes more perfect and meaningful.

4 tips for those of you who want to do sacrificial worship

1) Make sacrifices knowingly

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Whatever we do, it must be done in full knowledge. The same is true for the performance of sacrificial worship which is a sign of our obedience as servants to Allah SWT.

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2) Perform sacrificial worship according to a specific time

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The performance of sacrificial worship will not be perfect if it is not performed on the day of tasyrik which falls on the 11th, 12th and 13th of Zulhijjah. Other earlier or later dates are considered invalid for lI killed the victim, you know, don’t be too smart to rush or slow down.

3) Set up the right sacrificial worship intentions

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The most important thing is that your intentions are correct! The main intention must be perform sacrificial worship only for the sake of Allah SWT. If the intention is wrong, then your worship is not perfect and the sweetness of worship cannot be felt.

4) Selection of good quality slaughter animals.

Aman Palestin

If you’re not sure how to choose your own quality slaughter animals, leave it at that. love palestine because your side will be ensure that each selected sacrificial animal is of a good breed, old enough and well cared for so that it is satisfied with the worship performed and the beneficiaries can enjoy quality meat.

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That’s not all, with service love palestine You can also choose to slaughter and give meat donations to our less fortunate Muslim brothers in troubled areas like Palestin, syria, lebanon or yemen.

Sacrificial worship in the land of Anbia

In the last 16 years love palestine very active performing sacrificial rites in Palestine, Syria, Yemen and refugee camps in Lebanon to ease the burden and bring a ray of joy along with the celebration of Aidiladha for the people of Syria.

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special to know this love palestine targeting more Malay victims than in previous years. Haa.. Are you interested in something? If there are, you just have to register HERE. Very easy because all transactions can be done online only, save your time and energy!

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The price of the sacrificial cult in the land of Anbia is as follows:


1 part beef – RM2300

1 goat – Rm2300


1 part beef – RM1900

1 goat – Rm1900


1 goat – RM700


1 part beef – RM750

In addition, you can also donate to the Aman Palestin donation fund at Through this link, you can choose to contribute to campaigns of your choice, such as Bread For Love, Jom Taja, Monthly Contribution, Hereafter Investment Shares, and Winter Aid.

For any additional information about the initiative and the cult of sacrifice of Aman Palestin, you can go directly to the Facebook page, Twitter, and his official Instagram.

May the worship of sacrifice and also our contribution this time be accepted and may bring joy to the people in the land of Anbia 🙂