Avoid ‘PHD’ wants to be a successful entrepreneur – MEEDC

Avoid ‘PHD’ wants to be a successful entrepreneur – MEEDC
Avoid ‘PHD’ wants to be a successful entrepreneur – MEEDC

By Fhatihah Zakinan

Avoid 'Phd' Wants To Be A Successful Entrepreneur - Meedc

SHAH ALAM: The round does not come rolling, the flat does not come floating.

Livelihood must be earned and does not come by itself or the earnings of luxury come from various sources.

The Malaysian Ecosystem and Entrepreneur Data Center (MEEDC) has formulated its own unique strategy to cultivate and hone one’s potential to become an entrepreneur and then stay in the field of interest until successful.

Its president, His Excellency Tengku Adena, His Excellency Al-marhum Tengku Abdullah, not only wants to produce successful entrepreneurs but also those who are open-minded and intelligent, especially those who can help others again.

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“We want to produce ‘smart’ entrepreneurs, who can pay high zakat, help other entrepreneurs, especially Muslims.

“There can be no ‘PhD’ nature (referring to jealous feelings of envy). If we want to be successful, we must not be alone, there must be a community of entrepreneurs, there must be unity of heart, a positive, non-toxic mind. “Nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible,” she said.

He said this when he met with reporters recently.

Therefore, he said the organization acted to help entrepreneurs reveal their potential to be more advanced.

“We also sensitize them to participate in 3P fields, namely agriculture, plantations and fishing.

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“This is an ‘evergreen’ business that many people may feel is not ‘glamorous’ (famous), but it is a business for the country,” he said.

Commenting further, he also supported whether there was any effort for the country to decide on the import network from foreign countries involving the 3Ps, as not much land has been explored in the country for that purpose.

“We in Malaysia, there is still a lot of land left to explore. So, young people need to take advantage of this opportunity, open their minds and break their dependence on the outside.

“If not us, who else? If not now, when again. We are great, the Malay land, the Malays are all there but we forgot that there is access to get land,” she said.

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