Badal Haji Fraud, Cost RM1500 Illegal Price – Dato Ustaz Daud Che Ngah

Badal Haji Fraud, Cost RM1500 Illegal Price – Dato Ustaz Daud Che Ngah
Badal Haji Fraud, Cost RM1500 Illegal Price – Dato Ustaz Daud Che Ngah

Many people know that the hajj quota that is performed in the country sometimes means that we do not have the opportunity to receive the hajj call because we have been tested for illness or have died.

Family members will usually pay salaries to the umrah operator to perform Hajj for the deceased.

Badal Hajj or substitute Hajj means a person who performed Hajj for himself and then performed Hajj for others, whether it is a person who has died or is ill and has no hope of recovery to perform Hajj to the Holy Land, whether with salary or not.

In the past, we have been advised with cost as low as RM1500 to perform the surrogate Hajj where after the Hajj season is over, we are given a certificate, zam-zam water and dates as a sign that the deceased has completed their Hajj .

But is the cost of RM1500 hajj correct which was advertised or was it devised by the umrah management syndicate for profit? KASHOORGA interviewed the co-owner of a well-known umrah company Andalucía Travel, Dato Ustaz Daud, who is also an adviser to Tabung Haji on the cost of RM1500.

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Hopefully no one will be fooled by this low cost in the future.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of Hajj and Umrah management, Dato Ustaz Daud Che Ngah is not a new name. He explained that the cost of RM1500 offered for the hajj substitute is FUN.

He explained that according to a joint study conducted with the authorities, the most logical cost of performing the Hajj substitute is RM3000 or more. This is because if people living in Saudi Arabia are used, the cost of performing Hajj is also quite high. Even the locals themselves have to pay a relatively high permit (around 350 riayal). This year, the cost of performing Hajj for locals came to RM10,000 to RM16,000), but it was reported that there was a slight decrease in price compared to the previous year.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia reported that three packages are offered, namely pthe first akej (Enhanced Fields of Hospitality) is now priced at 9,098 Saudi riyals (RM10,674.09), up from the initial price of 10,238 Saudi riyals (RM12,011.58).

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The new price for Package Two (Hospitality Enhanced Camps) will now be 11,970 Saudi Riyals (RM14,043.62), up from 13,043 Saudi Riyals (RM15,302.50).

Also, the discounted price for the third package (Hospitality Mina Towers) is set at 13,943 Saudi Riyals (RM16,358.42) compared to 14,737 Saudi Riyals (RM17,289.96) previously.

“Studies have found that some umrah companies can make a profit of RM500,000 (half a million) just like that. They will contact a resident in Saudi Arabia and if they get a lot of requests, one will make 10 names for the hajj substitute. If there are 1000 apps, can it be possible for that many people to implement it? It has many permanent members in Saudi Arabia such as Pakistan, Myanmar and many others who make money.

Dato Ustaz Daud Che Ngah explained that the condition for Hajj replacement is that one must do only one candidate and cannot be beaten like that,” he said, informing that what heirs who want to perform Hajj replacement for the deceased must do It is recommended to examine these two factors.

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“First of all, the replacement cost of Hajj cannot be too low. The figure of RM3000 and above is still logical and the second is that the operating company must be authorized by Tabung Haji to bring pilgrims. If it does not make sense, it is not valid to change the pilgrimage.

“Some are worth up to half a million. For me, this is a persecution for others who may believe that the right of heirs has been fulfilled,” he said when he was on the TETAMU HARAMAIN KASHOORGA program that will be broadcast soon.

This guest show from Harmain Kashoorga presents interesting stories that happen in the Holy Land that can be a lesson for everyone. It featured Dato Ustaz Daud Che Ngah and Haji Mohd Syafik Mazlan from Umrah MKM Ticketing Travel & Tours.