Baim wong for 100 million, here’s how to get it!

Baim wong for 100 million, here’s how to get it!
Baim wong for 100 million, here’s how to get it!

Baim Wong for the money – Hello, technology advisors! Did you know that it turns out that a very famous artist who is the husband of Paula Verhoeven, namely Baim Wong, often distributes free money? In addition to distributing free money, Baim Wong will usually create content on his YouTube channel to share money by posing as a shopping courier, etc.

In recent years, Baim Wong has been known as an artist who often distributes sustenance to everyone. Why? Because this is often shared by Baim Wong on his own YouTube channel.

We will provide information on the facts that are spread if Baim Wong splits the money through the quiz he gives.

Let’s check out the DJ’s review below.

Baim Wong for the money

Baim Wong For The Money

When there is an artist, especially Aris, who is up there, who is handing out money, it is certainly the goal of many people to be able to take the prize. Furthermore, Baim Wong is an artist known for his food sharing content on his YouTube channel.

But he didn’t just distribute money, Baim Wong also held a contest with prizes worth hundreds of millions in cash and cell phones. According to scattered facts, Baim Wong distributed the prizes to 450 people if they managed to guess the numbers hidden in the black drawing.

Of course, this was commented on by many netizens who saw the “BosQiuu” Facebook post that says “If you give Rp. 5,000,000 in cash and cell phones to the first 450 people who can correctly guess the numbers behind the black picture.”

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Below the caption, there is a photo of Baim Wong in a red jersey, next to which is a black image that decides a vague number in the middle of the image.

If you look at it, is it true that this was actually done by Baim Wong himself?

And it is that the Facebook account that gave the quiz was just a fake account alias Baim Wong for sharing money on his personal Facebook was wrong or was a hoax.

Hoaxes involving the linking of Baim Wong’s name and gifts often occur. This is done by irresponsible elements whose only job is to deceive.

Of course, if Baim Wong distributes money, it will only be broadcast through Baim Wong’s Instagram or YouTube. Remember, don’t get me wrong!

Tips to avoid scams

There are several tips you can use to avoid fraud occurring on behalf of Baim Wong or anyone else.

  1. The first is that you need to know in advance whether the account spreading the news is a real account or a fake account.
  2. Don’t easily believe what the fake account says, especially if the account is in the name of a prominent artist like Baim Wong or anyone else.
  3. Check first if Baim Wong’s real account broadcasts something similar to what the account broadcasts on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
  4. Don’t just transfer if the fake account asks you to transfer some money or asks you to provide your ATM PIN number because this is clearly a form of fraud.
  5. Do not spread the hoax that happened. Because if you spread the fake news provided by the fake account, many victims will fall into the trap of fraud.

How to get the Baim Wong draw

  1. Follow the applicable terms and conditions
  2. Don’t leave out a single condition
  3. Check carefully if you have followed these conditions correctly
  4. You will usually be required to follow various sponsored accounts and subscribe to Baim Wong’s YouTube channel.
  5. Do not forget to comment according to the existing conditions and do not spam or comment with words that contain Sara
  6. Don’t forget to try to pray
  7. If you fail once, don’t give up easily and try to dare to try again.

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the last word

So that’s the information on Baim Wong for the money. We recommend that you check the news first. Is the news true or just a hoax?

Try to be more careful in receiving the information to minimize the occurrence of fraud. Do not share fake things like fake news etc.

And the way you can do to get the money that Baim Wong shares is to follow the existing Terms and Conditions and not leave a single condition. You can also use as many accounts as you can because the chances of winning will be higher.

Don’t forget to give criticism eg constructive and solutions on every article we upload so that we can continue to develop our articles and our website to be even better. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends so they know not to recklessly accept false information.

Thanks, hope it helps!

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