Before trying you should first know what is FWB

Before trying you should first know what is FWB
Before trying you should first know what is FWB

Friends with Benefits, commonly called FWBs. If you are a user of one of the social networks, namely Twitter, then you are definitely familiar with this name.

Friends, which is an English vocabulary, has the meaning of friends, but what if these friends are added with ‘with benefits’? Will it mean different?

People who are already familiar with this term will usually understand the meaning and context of these words. The context itself can be said as something bad or something normal depending on each person’s perception that it is different.

In addition, many people feel proud because they have experienced a relationship in something like this, although some people do not understand what the word FWB itself means.

If you are one of them, you must read this!

FWB, what does it mean?


Make Friends With Profits, is the meaning of the expression in English. This advantage itself can take any form, depending on your respective perceptions.

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However, in general, friends with benefits in the perception of today’s youth are very different from before.

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The existence of promiscuity, born without limits, spreads like a virus that cannot be tamed and continues to roam today’s young generation.

The Friends With Benefits relationship itself, according to Orami’s website, is a non-status relationship that can only be decided on a sexual decision.

Wow, isn’t that amazing? This sexual decision itself is already in the form of an agreement between the two parties in the relationship.

Therefore, we should not carelessly call this designation yes! Even more so, if you affirm or are proud of having had this relationship with new friends or acquaintances.

However, even so, the FWB relationship itself cannot be stopped. As stated earlier, this relationship is like a virus that cannot be tamed.

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So is FWB dangerous for the young generation?


Of course, the FWB relationship is very dangerous for our generation because it continues to connect the chain of free sex that exists in Indonesia. The existence of this relationship itself is even very young for today’s youth.

Just finding someone interesting enough through pictures, then messaging each other and agreeing to meet up. Then the success of the relationship without the status that is considered illicit.

Not only that, there are even many social media accounts, especially on Twitter, that freely distribute photos of women and men looking for a partner to have this mutually beneficial relationship.

Considered a symbiotic mutualism, although this relationship is very harmful to the young generation of the current nation.

The importance of sex education for young people


Today’s young generation often underestimates the existence of sex education. In the past it was hard to find porn, now it’s like looking for garbage on the river bank.

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It is very easy for the current generation to do things that belong to the left.

It’s a shame, isn’t it? Therefore, sex education must continue to be attacked by the government, especially from the educational sector. If this education continues from generation to generation, it is possible that the perception of young people will change and this sexual virus will become extinct.

Although it is almost impossible, because today’s young people have the perception that sexuality is a need that must be satisfied.

Indeed, if we establish it, even to the detriment of ourselves and even others.

Sex education is the solution, so that today’s young generation understands and wants to know about this topic.

So that future generations of young people are not corrupted by mere images, videos or enslaved by mere desires.