Best diecast car toys for collection and display

Best diecast car toys for collection and display
Best diecast car toys for collection and display

best diecast car – Diecast is a term for toys that are usually in the form of a motorcycle, car, airplane, and other miniature shapes made of metal. Die casting itself means the process of casting metal or metal in a certain detail.

Diecast is highly favored by toy lovers for storage in its container or display in a room or display case. Also, this toy is very suitable for the collection of those of you who love automotive-type toys.

There are many different types of diecast toys on the market, but do you know what the best types of diecast car toys are? Let’s go straight to the review!

hot wheels

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is one of the diecast toys that is not only the most famous brand in Indonesia but also in other parts of the world. This is because hot wheels provide various types of cars that are not only realistic but also unique and trendy.

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Also, this brand of toys can be found in many supermarkets, nearby toy stores, and various other stores. In addition to being easy to find, this toy is also fairly cheaply priced, starting at just $20k.

With various variants and models, as well as sizes and rarities, hot wheels can be used as toys for collection or investment because the price can go up.



Bburago is an Italian brand of die-cast toys that has a special license to use model Ferrari cars and F1 cars. That is one of the reasons why this toy brand has great detail in its f1 and ferrari models compared to other diecast brands.

High-quality tire and paint materials also make it one of the quality toys that are safe for young children to play with and display.

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The next brand of diecast car toys is Matchbox. Matchbox is one of the die-casting brands that was pioneered and was first launched in the market around 1953. The name Matchbox itself is taken from the size of the car body, which was the size of a matchbox. at that moment.

Now Matchbox has produced a variety of cool models with various sizes. Matchbox has become a sister to Hot Wheels after being bought by Mattel Inc. This is done in order to reduce competition and expand the target market of the mattel company with a variety of designs created from the two brands.



The following is a diecast toy from Japan, Tomica. In addition to that name, you will no doubt hear the Takara Tomy brand more often as one of the high-quality toy manufacturers.

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The details provided by Tomica are cooler and better than other die-casting brands, but of course they are more expensive in price compared to other die-casting brands.

Premium models released from tomica cars, for example, from the Initial D series, Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, to the various cars you can find on the streets.

In addition, this brand also features a variety of premium vintage cars that are popular for the collection of die-cast automotive lovers.

the last word

Those are some reviews and recommendations for the best diecast toys for those who love automotive toys, especially cars. Hopefully this information can be useful and useful to you and do not forget to read various interesting articles about other toys only in Milesia, friends!

For a variety of interesting images about diecast cars, you can try our recommendations below.