Best Tourist Places in Sentul 2022

Best Tourist Places in Sentul 2022
Best Tourist Places in Sentul 2022

The Best Tourist Attractions In Sentul

Sentul is a place whose position is in the city of Bogor, this place is an area that has an ecological feeling. This position is not too far from Jakarta city, so it is very suitable to visit on weekends or during the holiday season.

Sentul Tourism this is one of the favorite destinations for people who live in the Jakarta area, this place is surrounded by mountains, so it has a very beautiful view. The selection of tours here is quite comprehensive, from culinary tours, nature tours, educational tours to family tours. For those of you who have a vacation plan to the Sentul area, there are many places you can visit, this time I will give you some recommendations. Let’s take a look.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Sentul

The first place is Jungleland Sentul, this place is a very popular playground in the Sentul area. This tourist spot is visited by many people and is very crowded both on weekends and on holidays. In this tourist place there are 40 attractions that you can play, the ticket price is quite affordable which is only Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000.

  • Pancar Mountain Tourist Park
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Pancar Mountain Tourist Park

The second place is the Monte Pancar Tourist Park, this tourist spot is a natural tourist spot that has a very fresh air. In this tourist area there is a pine forest. This place is very famous for camping because the landscape is very beautiful. You can also use this place as a pre-wedding venue. If you enter here, you only need to pay an entrance ticket starting at Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,500.

Angel Waterfall

The third tourist spot is the Angel Waterfall, this tourist spot is located in the Sentul Paradise Park area. The height of this angelic waterfall is about 40 meters, the bottom of the waterfall can be used for swimming. This tourist place has a very good manager so you can also find some rides there.

  • Mount Pancar hot springs
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Mount Pancar Hot Springs

The fourth tourist point is the Termas del Monte Pancar, this tourist point is very easy to find because you can find directions to get to the right place. For those of you who want your body to be more relaxed, you really have to come here. Entrance tickets here start from Rp. 15,000 only.

Sentul Cultural Park

The fifth tourist place is Sentul cultural hetman, this place is also not inferior to other places. This place is very interesting because the concept they use has a cultural element. The concept of Sundanese culture here is very dense. Not only that here, the atmosphere is very cool and also beautiful and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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The last tourist spot is Science Garden Sentul, this tourist spot is an educational tour that is very suitable for children, if you come here with children, you can play while learning. The most interesting rides here are rope bikes, rope bikes here are bikes that have a load on the bottom.

So, those are the recommended tourist attractions for you to visit!